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  1. oldsw-31

    WXC250 Transmission issue 1992

    In looking at the parts diagram I think I am missing the shim washer closest to the sprocket . Now I cant tell from the pic but I think that washer goes on the shaft just befor sliding the cases together . Or that washer is part of the bearing..
  2. OK I am working on a friends bike that he got as a basket case . the motor needed the crank rebuilt as it probably had many hrs on it but otherwise it ran good and it also had an issue with 2nd gear popping in and out. So I ordered the new 2nd and 6th gears and the damaged fork. Now 6th gear has the dogs on it to engages the 2nd and 3rd gears. I was doing a dry fit of the new parts to make sure everything is working. But my issue now is when I put the trans in 3rd gear the trans shafts binds up some. Now this is really apparent once I tighten the sprocket... The shafts move nice in all the other gears... I was thinking I may need to reshim this trans..The shaft does have some endplay and U can see it when u tighten the sprocket. any Ideas Why so many shim washers anyways??? U hardly see this in a Japanese motor Does anyone have any details or Pics of a good the trans???? also a method of determning what size shims I need. Also does anyone know if the countershaft bearing closest to the sprocket is supplied with the innner race and that heavy washer ???? If so I think the issue may be that I am missing a shim washer ...
  3. oldsw-31

    01 RM125 Exhaust valve acuator rod bushings broken?

    I don't have the issue with the rob being held in the clips those are fine. My issue is with the actual movement of the arm with the top side disconnected. On my YZ there is a lot more spring tension on the rod where is connect to the clutch cover. Just wasnt sure if that was a normal for this type of power valve
  4. oldsw-31

    01 RM125 Exhaust valve acuator rod bushings broken?

    I have a ? not 100% related to the original thread. but I have a 02 RM125 and I was wondering if I disconnect the rod from the Top connection Point on the cylinder will the rod be very easy to move up and down??? The rod on my RM125 is firmly secured to the actuator I was just wondering if the rod/ actuator should be easy to move up and down as if the power valve is opening or closing
  5. oldsw-31

    frame gussets

    I got a Rath racing kit . There was a old dirt wheel mag that highlighted all the weak areas.
  6. oldsw-31

    Fork seal advice

    OEM seals are the best. also to extend the life change the fork oil more often I prefer OEM clutches over aftermarket also
  7. oldsw-31

    2002 YZ125 6-speed Conversion

    The gearbox swap sounds intimidating, but it is actually quite simple. You will need the 6-speed tranmission parts from a '95-01 YZ125. the 94 trans will work also but was known for 2nd gear seizures.. Later year trans is generally desired since the gearbox will have less wear. The parts needed are: Mainshaft with all gears Countershaft with all gears Shift Forks Shift Fork shafts (Not required) Shift drum Shift drum Segment (Not required) Where do you find one? I've had best luck with eBay Or Dirt Cycles in Hopedale Mass 508-478-5712 or 508-478-5700 ASK for DAVE. Once the 5 speed transmission comes out, I put it up for sale on eBay with a note that I'm willing to trade it for an earlier transmission. The 5 speed is considered an upgrade for many MX riders, so it's not uncommon to find someone who is willing to trade with you. Another way to get one is to find a seized up '94-'01 YZ125. I've seen them sell for $250-$300. All you're really after is the transmission, so if the rest of the engine is blown up, that's not a big deal. Even if you pay $350 for a blown up '94-01 YZ 125, you'll easily get $125-$150 out of your 5 speed transmission. So, you're looking at $200-$225 for the 6 speed transmission if you go this route. In general, Best Case Scenario: $0 (trade your 5-speed for a '94-'01 6-speed) Worst Case Scenario: $250 (buy a blown up '95-01 YZ125 + sell your 5-speed) OK now with the swap The 98-01 are a direct swap.. 94-97 will require a minor modification to the shift drum.. Reason is that in 1998 Yamaha changed the cases and added 2 threaded holes for the shift drum bearing retainer. So in order to install a 94-97 shift drum you will need to remove some material from the base of the drum for clearance. And some of your original parts can be still used such as the shift fork pins and the shift drum segment.
  8. oldsw-31

    02-04 Yz125 transmission

    well lets see the 3rd and 4th gear dogs are rounded off, the shifter fork is severly burned up. 2 or 3 gears not have either teeth missing or are damaged by the floating metal debris.. When I was riding going from 3 to 4 it hit a false neutral , then bam the bike is dead, . the first trans went out so bad it took out everything inn the trans. i MEAN EVERYTHING. it also destroyed my cases. at the time the buike was only a year or 2 old... I change the oil regulary, the bike also had a fresh clutch in it.. this trans never missed a beat besides for be notchy like every Yamaha trans. Hell my 98 yz125 , never gave ma a issue at all since new...
  9. oldsw-31

    2002 YZ125 6-speed Conversion

    do you know how far back these transmission will interchange
  10. oldsw-31

    02-04 Yz125 transmission

    anyone ???
  11. oldsw-31

    Yamaha Yz 125 -99

    as far as the engine cases what years will work???
  12. oldsw-31

    02-04 Yz125 transmission

    Ok I wanted to know if any have converted their 02-04 5 spped to the 6 spped trans say like from 95-01.. reason I want to change it my 02 is on its third trans.. they just dont seam to hold together... I heard it should fit and work . does any one know for sure??
  13. oldsw-31

    Front fork ??

    anyone ???
  14. oldsw-31

    Front fork ??

    I just got a sweet deal on a complete 2004 YZ125 front end with the front caliper and line , the Excel Rear wheel, clutch cover,complete top end, kicker and shifter levers, a box of engine hardware, carb boot,OEM complete clutch assy for $200. I wanted to put the excel rear wheel and the complete front end on my 98 YZ125. My ? is will it Fit??? will I need to change the triples to make them fit??? any info will be great.
  15. oldsw-31

    04 top end on a 99 will it work??

    yes the difference on the cranks is where the seal ride. there are different diameters.. they have the same bore and stroke, and use the same pistons. I slipped the jug on and I see no issues, I dont see why you can uses any 93-08 top end