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  1. Some of you here have been gracious and kind and I appreciate that. You have undoubtedly helped many and enhanced their XR650 experience. Yes, I got miffed at the bike and vented. I'm guilty of that. But I never made anything personal. I called no one stupid or an idiot or questioned their personal worth. I won't start now. But, some of you should ride down to the clinic and get tested for rabies. To wr450yammaha: I was riding and racing bikes decades before you crawled around in your momma's kitchen in your soiled diaper. To Maniak: The next time you screw in your oil dipstick and it hangs fire a couple of times, think of me, because I'm laughing at you. The next time you're blowing your oil lines and your neighbor rides by on his KLR or DR with his six year old daughter on back, think of me because I'm laughing at you. And if you ever do see the light and sell your L, and the buyer brings it back and accuses you of selling him a bill of goods, think of me because I'm laughing at you.
  2. Update: A guy came by yesterday and bought my 650. He's a thief that nobody likes, but I sold it to him anyway. I guess he didn't try to steal it because he didn't want to tangle with Cujo, my Rottweiler. So here he came with his two dopehead sons and started looking it over. I asked 22 and let him bring me down a few so that he would think he was getting a good deal. (A worn looking old '95 with high mileage). When he laid those 19 crisp one hundred-dollar bills in my hand, it put a big smile on my face because that several times what I had in it. I wondered what he had stolen to get the money, but I didn't say anything. And being the nice guy that I am, I tried to tell him a little about the bike, but he just ridiculed me and said that he knew all about motorcycles. He's not only a thief, but an arrogant thief, too. And he kept glancing at Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dumb as we talked, like he was trying to impress them or something. Then he put on one of those little mirrored or chrome beanie helmets like the cruiser bike riders wear and told me he was going on a long ride. His ride lasted about two hours. Then the engine seized and he crashed, rashed, and burned. It even rashed his bald head, so I guess those beanie helmets aren't so good. He came home from the hospital today and he was wrapped up like The Mummy. He even acts like The Mummy, too, because he walks stiff-legged and holds his arms our in front of him.
  3. Well, Scapegoat, I know how you feel about the ol' dodge diesel forum and you express my sentiments exactly.
  4. Thanks, for that info, MikeKay. I started mine up this morning and rode it around for about 2 miles slowly to get it warmed up. When I got back, the oil filter cover was hot to the touch. Then, I checked it. Sure enough, it read about 40% up the stick. Yesterday, I drained oil out the oil check bolt hole until it was at the correct level and at that particular time it even read right to the full mark on the dipstick(amazing). I doubt I rode it 10 miles since then. I suspect this machine does use some oil, because I can smell it out of the exhaust sometimes and can see blue smoke once in a while. The plug is normal but the color is a little grayish. Too bad that the check system isn't better so than I could really know how much it's using. I'd suspect that if the dipstick sometimes gives false reading, the oil bolt will too. If the oil is pumped up into the frame, it may give a false reading down there too. Guess I'll get a syringe like my father in law uses for his cattle and inject some oil in the bolt hole, when it shows low.
  5. Jayzonk, thank you. This machine leaks no oil. There is none blown onto the rear wheel and there is no oil on the engine and transmission. There are also no oil drips on the floor of my garage. A compression check would be a little more difficult than normal because of the compression release. But the machine has every indication of having good compression. It runs strong. It'll pull 95 with lowered gearing and wheelie easily in 2nd with just a twist of throttle. It starts easily hot or cold, and gets 46-52 mpg on the highway, so I don't think the engine is bad. It had not been started in a long time when I first got it and it really let go of a lot of blue smoke on startup and while riding. I assumed this was maybe dried out valve guide seals. It has stopped smoking on startup and it smokes less and less while riding as time goes on. I was unaware of the bolt in the case for checking the oil level there because I don't have an owner's manual yet. When I removed the bolt today, it showed that it was over filled. Evidently, this particular machine will not give a true oil level reading until it has been thoroughly warmed up and ridden for quite a while, like a half hour or so. It will give a false(low) reading after sitting overnight. Unfortunately, it appears to give false low readings sometimes after riding for a while too.
  6. Gee, Maniak, I wonder why you chose that name? I've owned about 20 mostly used bikes(motorcycles and ATVs) through the years and ridden over 100,000 miles. I've only taken any of them to a shop a couple of times. By the way, I didn't say I couldn't screw in the dipstick. I've done it dozens of times without crossthreading it. I just said it tries to cross thread all of the time. I noticed you didn't deny this criticism or, in fact, the issue of the oil level. I mean, is it too much to ask to have the thing read corrrectly without draining the oil out and refilling it every time you want to check it? If the machine burns oil, that will only work until it burns some, then you're back to square one. You personally attack me because you can't really defend the flaws in the bike. Maybe Honda will someday make a better effort and come up with an updated version with liquid cooling, lighter weight, more power, and a few less irritating flaws. You really make it personal with me and call me stupid, but I'll bet my IQ is higher than yours and I'll bet I'm better educated, too, because I can at least spell. You call me a "breader", do you mean "breeder"?
  7. I do appreciate all the replies, really I do, but why make it personal, calling me an idiot, etc, etc? I criticized the bike and and its design. You guys have tried to make it personal.
  8. So, Dual Dog, Where is the check bolt? I guess you take it out and if oil runs out, then there is at least enough oil? I guess it could still be overfilled, right? How can the bike give such different readings with the exact same check method taken after sitting for a couple of hours? It was not ridden any distance between checks. thanks
  9. I bought an XR650L from my cousin about three months ago and it has been a total aggravation. Frankly, I don't see how everyone is so enamored with them. They're not much of a street bike that's for sure or even much of a dirt bike and every maintenance items is ten times more difficult than it should be. Everything from changing the spark plug, to carburetor work, to even checking the oil. Most bikes you can just stand it up and look at the sight glass. But no, we couldn't have it that easy with the XR now could we? This piece of junk has been smoking and using oil since day one and I've tried to take care of it, but the oil level readings are all over the place. I rode it 140 miles and had to put a quart in(check method same as follows). Then I rode 50 miles, pulled into my garage, let it idle for 3 minutes and shut it off, just like the book says. Then I waited 2 minutes and then checked it without screwing in the dipstick(which always wants to cross thread by the way), and it showed full. I rode it another 30 miles and it showed full. Then I rode it 25 miles and it showed about 2 inches down from full. I let it set for a couple of hours and idled it 3 minutes and waited 2 and checked it and it didn't even register on the dipstick. So, that's it. That's the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm done with this piece of S***. I hope it runs out of oil and locks up so I can part it out on ebay and get some of my money back.
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong with my carb? I've tried on and they haven't come up with an answer either. Thank you.
  11. Yes, my cousin lives in wester Ky and I am in SE Missouri--same elevation at about 200 ft above sea level. If I don't get it going soon, I may put a Mikuni from XR's only on it. To heck with the Keihin.
  12. Well, guys thanks for your input but I drained the tank and put fresh gas in first thing. I know it has good gas. I have run about 4-5 gallons through it in the last 2 weeks. I don't know about the pilot jet. My cousin said that it would start easily down to about 5 degrees F when he had it. So I believe there is something wrong. Maybe I didn't get the choke passages cleaned out even with the carb cleaner.
  13. Hello, I love this forum and it has great info. I bought a '95 model from my cousin with about 9600 miles on it. It does not want to start when the engine is cold. Even at 70F it doesn't want to start. The colder it is outside the harder it becomes. Once warm, it starts as soon as I touch the button. I had to clean the jets because it had sat and it runs great otherwise. It is completely stock except that it has a larger (48 tooth?) rear sprocket and cousin cut out the baffle on the end of the exhaust pipe. I put a new air filter in it. I know you should not open the throttle when choking it. I sprayed carb cleaner in the choke circuit several times. I know the choke cable is working and it snaps back closed when released. I have it threaded into the carb body and tightened. It gets about 42 mpg with a mix of trail riding and highway. It runs strong. 2nd gear wheelies are a twist away. It pulled 90 the other day and still accelerating. my cousin said it would do about 95 with the lower gearing.