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  1. OldGreyBeard

    service Honda ultimate speedometer

    i just got my 3700h from servicehonda could use photo or part # for switch thanks lp
  2. OldGreyBeard

    Jetting is really getting OLD!!!

    have you removed the smog system? if it has it get a block off kit got rid of that awful pop spit crap 06 450x
  3. OldGreyBeard

    looking for acewell 3700H for my 06 450X

    who has the acewell 3700H besides servicehonda theirs doesnt have their logo on it yet 2006 450x clearlake ca
  4. OldGreyBeard

    Aftermarket odometer trip computer ? Whats Best?

    servicehonda's computer is sweet looking but its just a acewell3700H with there name on it i want one called their parts guy he said they only have the ace logo till they sell them all then they will have the servicehonda ones that bites 2006 450X drz 250 sold 1992 wr200 sons 1975 xl 125 1970 ts185 1974chappy 80