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  1. 06kx100

    Fuel Switch

    I have a kx100 and I was just wondering when I'm not using it should I put the switch to off? I always do and the only reason I'm asking is because my friend has a kx85 and says that with 2-strokes you can leave it on, and others say alwyas shut it off.
  2. 06kx100

    pipe for kx 100

    Yea that would be a good idea to just leave the stock pipe on because it is a good pipe and will save you money. Then you can get a FMF or Pro circuit silencer.
  3. 06kx100

    pipe for kx 100

    yea the fatty and shorty is a good combo but the fatty and powercore 2 combo is good if you want to keep stock sound. Shorty makes it a little louder.
  4. 06kx100

    pipe for kx 100

    The kx100 is a great bike. Most of the FmF pipes fit on the kx100 you just have to go to mini moto applications. Do you want a pipe or silencer. If you want a pipe then you should probably get the fatty. I do some trail riding very little and the kx100 is great on them.
  5. 06kx100

    My new ride

    wow, that is a nice bike
  6. 06kx100

    post pics of your quad

    My 2001 Raptor 660
  7. 06kx100

    Kx100 versus the 85's

    The 100 is definitely better than the 85 and yes you can have them in the same class and no you don't have to race with 125's. There is a class for 105 and under.
  8. KX 100 2006 Kawasaki Soon to have pro circuit pipe
  9. 06kx100

    Kx100 versus the 85's

    You deffinetaly notice a difference between the 85 and the 100. My friend has a kx85 and my 100 is faster. So i would suggest you get the 100.
  10. 06kx100

    what are the dimentions of a kx65?

    No I do not have a 65 I have a 100. For how wide, the overall width is 29.9 inches so you should probably make it almost 35 inches.
  11. 06kx100

    what are the dimentions of a kx65?

    The length of it is 62.6 inches which is like 5' 1'' so you should probably make the box like 5' 5'' long and the height of the bike is 37.6 inches which is like 3' 2'' so you should make it 3' 5'' to 4' tall. Hope this helps.
  12. 06kx100


    I've been using Yamalube 32:1 also and it seems to be working fine.
  13. 06kx100


    I got mine for Christmas and so far it is great. I recently fouled a plug but havent fouled any during break-in. Tomorrow will be the first time I will be changing the trani-oil. Since you said you will only be messing around on it and not racing, you wont need to change it that often. The gas to oil ratio is 32:1.