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  1. I just found out about this yesterday when I took my kids to go look at some bikes. With Feinstein and Boxer as out senators, I don't know how much good my calls will do, but I will be calling anyway.
  2. hifi

    Otay Mountain

    Where do you start from?
  3. hifi

    ATT: San Diego Riders !!

    We the County Board of Supervisors holds the meeting and this is on the agenda, opposition must be filed or it may be approved on consent, which means without public hearing.
  4. hifi

    Pines Fire

    They are saying that it appears the fire was started along a trail that illegal migrants use to come from Mexico. Even though the fire had nothing to do with Off-road vehicles, somehow we will get the blame and lose another riding area.
  5. hifi

    Broke bolt in case

    I was so mad at myself because I set the torque wrench properly, and I was working I thought this is to much torque. But the wrench did not indicate it was at the setting so I continued until snap. The wrench I have is inch pounds. It has a range of 20 - 250 inch lbs I have read the posts about the proper torque being approx 6ft lbs and also some just turn an additional 1/8 of a turn after the bolt is tight.
  6. hifi

    Broke bolt in case

    I was able to use a small screwdriver to slowing turn it out.
  7. hifi

    Broke bolt in case

    Thank for the help. I was able to get it out.
  8. hifi

    Broke bolt in case

    Here is the picture of the broken bolt
  9. hifi

    Broke bolt in case

    I need some help on what to do if a bolt breaks off in the case. I was changing the oil filter and puting the bolts back on and the little one snapped:banghead: . My torque wrench was set properly but the bolt broke and half of that little bolt is stuck in there. How do I get it out or do I have to take it to a shop?
  10. I have looked at the other information here regarding valves but I need some help. I called the dealer because I was going to have them do my first inspections but they quoted $300, so I decided I will just give it a try myself. After watching the sticky I think I can do it, but will take my time. I went to buy feeler guages but had not clue what size guage(s) to buy also I guess I will need a micrometer. Does anyone in San Diego know where to buy them. Also is there a kit that has various sizes of feeler guages? Thanks.
  11. I would agree to start by checking the battery. I had a battery that would say fully charged on the charger but had bad cells so the bike would never get enough juice to start and it would make a clicking sound.
  12. hifi

    Couldn't be Perfect

    I took the battey to the dealer last night and they are going to replace it free. They said it was covered under the warranty.
  13. hifi

    Couldn't be Perfect

    So after a long time thinking about it, I sold my quads and got the new 450x. A friend of my wifes works at the dealership so we got a good deal. Everything was going great, got the bike home and rode it around the neighborhood, started it twice then battery was dead. I charged the battery the night before taking it out for the first time, nothing. For a moment I thought of cancelling the trip, but said I have a kick start. It sucked....well at first. I was kickin so long that I almost sent my buddies ahead. One last kick and she fired up and it was a blast and I never regretted selling the quad. My last bike was a '99 xr400 that I sold in '01, so I can't really make a comparison but man did I feel like I was flying. Sucks the battery is dead but other than that I counldn't be happier.
  14. hifi

    400 xc-w?

    Does anyone have any specs on the 2007 400 xc-w? The KTM site does not show this bike. Is it the same as the 2006 400 exc less lights?
  15. hifi

    new 450x

    just curious, how much was the service contract?