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  1. the next day after going riding I started up my bike and it would idle but completely die once I gave it any throttle. I took the carb apart and pulled out the jets to clean them and the needle fell right out. I inspected the needle and the square edges of the grooves were worn down and the gaps were almost twice the size. the needle basically slid right down through the clip plugging the main jet. no idea how so much wear could have occured the lock bolt was tight my guess would be from vibration and the needle spinning. I took the JD Jetting red needle out and put the stock needle back in with the clip 2nd from bottom. 165 main and stock pilot. It ran perfect before and now I am having problems with a low idle and very high when choked and it cuts out rapidly like its getting starved of fuel from 3/4 to full throttle and at high rpms. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on what settings to use to save me the repetitive process of taking the carb apart. I have chopped the airbox open, stock filter, MRD full exhaust and hotcams stage 2. thanks.
  2. alright does anyone know who makes oversized pistons?
  3. this is in canadian dollars. nobody answered my ? does anyone know if it is plated or not? will a hone remove all the plating or is it thick enough?
  4. is the CRF230 cylinder nikasil plated? I'm doing a rebuild and I called the dealer and tried ordering an oversized piston he says nobody makes one and that it would be cheaper to buy a new cylinder at 300 dollars instead of getting it sent out to be replated at 350 dollars.
  5. did a search and came up with this. same problem that I have. must be a bent shift fork and rounded dog gears because there is some resistance on the shifter when shifting up into 5th. oil has no metal in it. I'll have it apart this week.
  6. today when I was riding I shifted into 5th and the bike hit the rev limiter like when you miss a shift. then I heard crunching and it kept popping in and out of 5th. had to ride home in 4th gear. I just rebuilt my whole bike the motor has 8 hours on it and now this happens. I have a full quart in the tranny. what could of caused this? it never locked up so I'm not sure if any teeth broke off. choked...
  7. Can anyone give me some advice on what size shims to buy? hotcams stage 2, new valves and just had the valve seats re cut.
  8. I had that piece break off on me as well. must have hit a rock right on it when I dropped the bike somewhere. I got it welded 3 times and it broke off every time after a ride or two. there must have been a micro crack somewhere and the vibration broke it off again.
  9. yeah the motor needs a complete rebuild the rod bearing went and screwed everything up. the bike easily has hundreds of hours on it. all the gold shavings are from the crankshaft.
  10. will epoxy or JB weld work?
  11. took my motor apart the other day. figured I'd post pics for everyone to see. right beside on the left of the timing chain sprocket theres a piece of the casing that looks like an oil channel. I was turning the engine over when it was apart and the cam chain got jammed up and busted it off. how important is it? can I get away with it not being there? or is there a way I can re attach it without it falling off.
  12. so if I buy a TRX 450 stroker crank it will fit with no problems? what about a high compression piston with a stroker crank will I run into clearance issues?
  13. the starter doesn't engage on the crankshaft. why would they be different?
  14. well does anyone know anyone that makes a stroker crank and a big bore kit for the 450X?
  15. hot rods only has cranks for the R will an 05 R crank just drop in?