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  1. hey. might seem like a stupid questioon. but im not from the states. (sweden) And im going to travel to California in a few months and will be there for 6months. So i wanna ride while im there. but i realy dont know where to by my bike. sure i can look up some store when i get there. but it would be nice to check online first so i know how mutch its gonna cost me =) so please can someone give me a link or a few to both sites (stores) that sell new bikes and some site where i can check used ones. i have no idea how mutch a Dirtbike like CRF450 will cost me in the usa. Thanks in advance.//MxManne
  2. mxmanne

    FMX Ramp BluePrint???

    ok.. thanks
  3. hi. im thinking about building a ramp for this summer. so i can get more injured than i allready am hehe... i had a link to a webpage that had blueprints for different fmx ramps but i cant find it.. anyone who noes one or several pages that have blueprints for ramps??
  4. hi. as you know i´m from sweden. im thinking about going to L,A or at least somewhere in SoCal.. Is there any track or so who rents out bikes? would be fun to take the riding gear with me and rent a bike for a day or so.
  5. mxmanne

    I got my neck brace today!

    i ride with the EVS RC2 http://www.evs-sports.com/products/product_details.asp?prodID=33 And i think that its good enough. acctualy i dont think that the "big" brace on the collars you all are talking about makes that big of a differens. the helmet presses down on the neck collar and the neck collar presses domn to the shoulders.. only in the one you are talking about the colar presses to the braces that in turn presses on the shoulders. not such a big differens that its worth 560 $ more at least..
  6. i think he will anounce that he and bubba are brothers and that he is the Michael "wacko Jacko" Jacksson of motocross originaly black but now white and he will also say that in his last moto he lost his nose and is posting a finders fee for the one who can bring it back to him..
  7. it will probably be a change for me.. threw the bike out on the market.. ONLY a trade for 250 2stroke. allready got one potential "buyer" with a KTM 250sx with alot of stuff.. its a 2004 taken out 2005 seems interesting
  8. well i feel good riding the crf exept for the constant worry about the cost if the shit brakes down. on the smoker i never cared about that one bit. i havent ridden a smoker sence the accident two years ago.. maybe should try some 250 out on the trakc and decide after that.. i cant afford riding after some serious brakedowns on a 4stroke.,. And by the way. i ride between 2-4 times a week/ 1-3 hours of acctuall riding time each time-- not time i spend on the track, if thats any help in your judgement
  9. mxmanne

    Honda Vs. Ktm

    yepp.. ncj1 is right. my bad.. sorry.. the 250 has a kickstarter.. if you can afford it go for the KTM..
  10. hey. im in a bit of confusion here. i havent ridden for two years becuase of injury and so on. i got a crf 450 2003 for a couple of weeks ago but im starting to change my mind.. mostley becuase im totaly terrifyed (spelling) for a brakedown that will ruin my echonomy totaly. a feel good on the bike but i allways felt good on the 250 smoker as well. someone with som e pre and fors abiout the to different bikes.. dont know what to do
  11. mxmanne

    Honda Vs. Ktm

    if your looking at the 207 ktm i agree its an totaly awsome bike to look at also alot of new prety goog solutions for the rear suspention etc etc.. BUT its that one thing that makes it a bad choise.. electric starter and no kickstarter.. thats just playing stupid in my eyes from KTMs side.
  12. mxmanne

    Im in a HUGE dilemma.

    i dont acctualy know witch bike you should pick but why not buy one in CASH and not payments. thats what i do. sure i donmt have the newest bike- but its mine and not the banks bike. i acctually dont understand how to but something like a dirtbike with "a loan" sure you can get the bike at once and a brend new one if you want that too.- but when you make the last payment on the bike you probably have payed alot more than its worth when buying it. and its sure not worth that kinda money in two years.. specialy not a new bike. but thats just my way.. have a crf450 2003.. all new riding gear. a pretty good car and a trailer for the bike. all payesd in CASH.- that i worked and saved together.. welll do what you want.. its just a suggestion. but i can understand if its frustrating not having a bike
  13. mxmanne

    I wanna KTM

    acctually i dont even know if we get that model here in sweden.. i have only looked at the sx and exc bikes at´the local KTM dealer and they came with no kcikstarter. allso read the report from our mx-newspaper that they wont come with that. but when i checkled out ktms website i certanly saw (spelling) a kickstarter on the exc400 at least..
  14. mxmanne

    I wanna KTM

    Hey. someone said that KTMs are ruleing the europe mx-scene or something like that. I would dissagree in that case. Im from sweden and thats for sure a european country. For example Swed Junior champ. YZF450. For MX1 the bikes are 1.Yamaha 2.Yamaha 3.KTM 4. suzuki. and so on.. in MX2 the bikes are. 1.yamaha 2. yamaha 3.yamaha. 4. Yamaha. 5 Ktm 6.Honda 7.suzuki 8. Husky and so on. And then we can take the total score of the brands for this season. 1. Yamaha 2.Honda 3. Ktm... sure I think that KTMs new 07 bikes are fantastic to look at. but i would sure not buy one. Why. for the first, why the **** buy a bike with a starterbutton and no kickstarter.. thats just stupid.Just as stupid as when husky did the same on their bikes and a friend had to walk 2,5miles in the woods on a testride just becuase the starter just stopped to work... For second. the dealers here around questions KTMs reliability. theyve got so many bikes in there workshops with strange problems and bikes totaly screwed in the engine. the strongly advice not to buy a KTM. yea well all exept the KTM dealer offcourse. 3. i tried my friends sx525 03 a couple of years ago. and sure it had alot of power. but **** it was a disturbed bike. stopped in allmost every corner becuase of that the acceleration pump allwas failed on the shit. i was more tierd of trying to kickstart the bitch than i was from riding it. 4 i dont know why but The brembo brakes on KTM allways make that screaming sound. 9 times of 10 when you here a screaming brake in the woods or on the track its a KTM.. I dont think that they are winning a shit.. but there are suddenly so damn many kids and wannabe riders that are riding KTMs Just becuase KTM has bought some great riders in to there teams. and the more bikes on a track the greater bike eeeehhh or NOT.