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  1. I recently purchased the q4 pipe for my 07 yz450f and I love it, great sound no noticable powerless. I was curious though, what is the screen insert for?
  2. Just the other day I put an fmf q4 on my 07 yz450f and it made the bike sound so much more quiet but gave it a slightly deeper sound. I didnt get to go on a full day ride to be able to tell how much it may have lost. I did go for a small test run and didnt fell much of a loss at all, if any. The install process was very easy. I dont have any db measurements of how loud my bike used to be compared to as it is now but I do know it was a noticable sound difference and not a noticable different in power loss/gain.
  3. Will i have to take off the "drain bolt" on the oil filter cover if I am changing the oil filter though?
  4. i hate to be a pain in the ass, but i have read my manual and some of the threads in this forum but i am still a bit confused as to which two bolts i am pulling to allow the oil to drain. would it be possible for someone to post pics of these two bolts and their location so that i dont screw up.
  5. really?? maybe you havent ridden fun trails. if my buddy ever gets his bike fixed and we go riding you should try to come along. his trails arent really tight they are more open and flowing. you can carry a good bit of speed at most parts
  6. do you ride any trails at all? know of any in the area that people can ride without getting shot at? lol
  7. We should try to ride sometime
  8. Do you go to kennard dale high school, or did you at some point. I graduated from there in 07
  9. I guess it would be on the east side of 83..... im in a small town called new park. Its about 10 mins from stewartstown and 10 mins from delta. I dont know if you know those areas. Its about 15 mins from shrewsbury.
  10. Im in your in the southern end of york county. about 10 mins from the md line if that. we should try to ride sometime
  11. no way man thats freakin awesome!! i live in york county too. i used to ride at my buddies farm but his bike blew up and now we never ride. we should try to get together and ride sometime. thats such a weird coincidence.
  12. thats a nice bike, sounds great. where at in pa are you located?
  13. oh glad i asked then. do i have to purchase the high temp silicone or does it come with the exhaust?
  14. I have an 07 yz450f and I am interested in going with the fmf q4 exhaust. With the purchase of any aftermarket exhaust does the new pipe come with the gasket between the header and silencer...i messed mine up and had to make a makeshift part to get by. I also managed to screw up the band the holds the header and silencer together. Does that piece come aswell or will I have to order those to pieces separately.