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  1. 2old2Bfast


    LOL, only a pound! Yeah I know the Think is more, but that is a lot when shaving grams on other items. I added weight with my Fastco flexx bars, but it is worth it.
  2. 2old2Bfast


    Can you elaborate on this? Not sure if this is part of the bleeding process or what the point of this is. On my 2013 I have an oversized front rotor. My big gripe is that the lever gets hard too far out from the bars. Got the adjustment screw backed all the way out but the lever is still too far out. Makes my fingers fatigued to have to pull hard that near full extension.
  3. 2old2Bfast

    Review - Eric Gorr RM300

    Update: I recently sold the RM and bought an RM-Z 450. I loved the engine, but struggled with the chassis. The reason I bough the RM in the first place was because I was so impressed with the turning of my friends RM-Z. I never could get the RM to turn like I wanted, and then I would get wicked headshake if I slanted the setup too much toward sharp turning. Also, on tracks with good traction and long runups to jumps the bike was happier. On short choppy ramps the back end would not hook up and drive. Maybe more FWW needed? BTW, I did put in a RAD valve and I liked that. It was more slanted toward top end where the Vforce was bottom end, and the thing was too snappy on the bottom already. You can also remove the reed spacer if you want more revs. Also put a cam throttle to slow down the initial snap. At a two day race in March, I struggled with the chassis all weekend. The last moto I borrowed and buddies 2013 RM-Z 450 and instantly was riding much better. I raised the white flag a couple weeks after that. So, if you are happy with the rest of the bike, the 300 is a good mod. In my case I was not finding that legendary RM turning. I was actually happy with the bike until I started racing my 1984 RM250, which has a very planted front end much like the RM-Z. Then when I would go back to the 2008 I would struggle with turning. I was also going backward in the standings with my local club while on this bike (see my initial comment "I think I would have been faster on my yermama 290f,"). I never found that lost speed. I think the RM just needs a more aggressive rider that turns with the throttle.
  4. 2old2Bfast

    2013-2014 suspension

    Well, your loss man! Good luck.
  5. 2old2Bfast

    2013-2014 suspension

    It's amazing how much of the harshness of the fork can be removed by removing oil from the rt fork. I changed the oil on my 13 with Maxima 5 wt and went 300 left and 250 rt and it was pretty plush. Then I went ahead and had Motoworks do a re-valve and went 300 on each side. I am back down to 270 ML in the rt side. I am pretty happy and I am an old guy who likes plush forks. Randy at Motoworks also says a shock piston is needed for MX or off road, stock X ring is too stiff and better for SX, I have yet to try that, and since I tore an ACL last weekend is will be a while before I do any more testing. Bottom line, don't let the complaints about the forks hold you back. If you are pinching pennies play with the oil and break them in and you will be surprised. Also, the back is not that bad stock, just not as lively feeling as I would like.
  6. 2old2Bfast

    Timing chain question-no violence please

    Duplicate post deleted, sorry!
  7. 2old2Bfast

    Timing chain question-no violence please

    Just FYI, went to check the chain tension on my 2013 and it looks like they have put on a self adjusting tensioner. I guess my first clue was that adjusting the cam chain was nowhere in the periodic maintenance schedule. Not that is appears that this is a difficult procedure, and if you are checking valves you are 95% there, but I bet you could retrofit the new tensioner assembly on an older model.
  8. 2old2Bfast

    2010-2014 RMZ 450 Top end life?

    Thanks for the replies. Gave me confidence to risk a used 2013, plus I saved enough over new to do the engine, exhaust, and suspension!
  9. 2old2Bfast

    2010-2014 RMZ 450 Top end life?

    What has been your real world life out of the top end? Hours? Type of riding done? Failure or preventive maintenance? If failure, what failed?
  10. 2old2Bfast

    Lets see The Rm's

    Just a couple pics of my 84 rm250 that I just finished.
  11. 2old2Bfast

    looking for 1984 rm250

    Well, I found an 84 in CA that I was able to drag home. The good news is that it did run and shift. The bad news is that it needs just about everything. So......Looking for 84-85 parts now.
  12. 2old2Bfast

    looking for 1984 rm250

    Sorry for the double post. Can't seem to find a delete option.
  13. 2old2Bfast

    looking for 1984 rm250

    Last of the drum brake bikes. Let me know if you have one or know of one. I know most people prefer the 82 for post-vintage racing, but I had an 85 and it has a special place in my heart. The only difference is the front disk in 85. I am in AZ and am willing to drive a few states distance to pick up. Thanks! Carl
  14. 2old2Bfast

    question on gearing with a eg 300kit.......

    I went down to a 50 on the rear and I like it, but I just enjoy shifting less. I still start in 2nd and I can pull 3rd in most corners. The 300 is a beast!
  15. 2old2Bfast

    08 RM 250 - Want more power

    What is your elevation and jetting? I am down several sizes on the Main jet and it picks up some revs on top each time. FMF recommends 168 at sea level and 70 degrees F. I am running the FMF fatty pipe and Shorty Silencer with V-force delta III reeds. This skews it a bit toward the bottom from what I have read. Eventually did the Eric Gorr 300 kit, but that is a different story Just put on the G2 cam throttle because it is too responsive!