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  1. kirkray1

    Who has got the JDjetting kit in 06 450?

    my JD kit works great i am at sea level just call them the girl on the phone really helped me i wanted it right the first time she told me which needle to use and what clip position worked perfect
  2. kirkray1

    Bike carrier

    I have a ad addabike it is very well made i is all aluminum takes seconds to load bike very happy with it
  3. kirkray1

    Seminole tribe motocross this weekend

    what day? what do you ride? i have a 06 yz 450 where are you from i comig from okeechobee
  4. kirkray1

    Sdg Parts ?

    I tried to search forums put search keeps crashing any way kick starter shaft broke i need new one, also does any body know where to get tool to take counter shaft balancer bolt off thanks
  5. kirkray1


    It is for real track is about half way done they are still waiting on permits they had some info about it in there magazine called reaction times check web maybe they updated it. The one thing i don't like so far is the big gaps between jumps it is not going to be good for beginners or old guys they way they have it now.I hope they change it because thats what shuts most tracks down lawsuits from people getting hurt and killed Okeechobee track lost one last month even with releases let morossos know whats Little more dirt for the sake of safety i know the guy who is building it to him it is easy but he is very fast so it nothing to him i am in for the fun not injuries i am a former expert rider age has slowed me down abit would like to see more table tops not 70 foot doubles he said they did not want big triples though
  6. you need new tank also raidiator scoops then you have to bend raidiator brackets to fit scoop so tank srounds will bolt up rear number plates will not bolt up sub frame and air box are different seat cover should work i own both years so if you need any more info i will try to help i update one i bought all the parts on ebay it cost about a 1000 dollors so many parts are different
  7. kirkray1

    toyo MT

    I have 37x20 mt they have 30.000 miles on them they have more than 3/4 tread left on them .They are the best tires i have ever had and i have tried almost all of them over the years highly recommended shop around i found them a 100 dolors cheaper at local shop
  8. kirkray1

    New track near Indian Town?

    THE track is really nice there is flagers but is set up as a members only for leagel purposes member ship is only 20 dollors per year the track is defenlity not a beginner or senior track they also have peewee track let me know if you need more info
  9. kirkray1

    destroyed left radiator on my '01 426

    pleny on the bay
  10. kirkray1

    06 YZ450 .... Things that suck!

    the only thing i dont like is the neighbers complain about noise never had problem with yz 250
  11. I paid 7000 out the door with title for Le in west palm beach actually had abetter deal in okeechobee 6800 but bike would not be her till april could not wait why not order one from this site ? they have some good prices i think thats how i will buy my next one
  12. kirkray1

    Roll Call For Bithlo 2/26

    Nice video whats the best way to get there from Okeechobee ? been there a long time ago cant remember how i got there do they have a web sight thanks
  13. kirkray1

    Roll Call For Bithlo 2/26

    hows the track just started again 40+ b rider do not want 2 have 2 do big doubles or triples tell get back 2 speed i live about 1 hour away thanks
  14. kirkray1

    Need help on stolen bike YZ 450

    that really sucks sorry 4 your loss caller id?