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    The Motoplex sucked

    Yeah well those 2 do ride there, but only about 1 time a month at the most, its not like they go every day, and its not like they have tons of choices to ride during the winter thats close. I think the Motoplex is a great facility, but the track needs alot more attention, and it would be a nice bonus if it was somewhat heated in there, yes its better than nothing, and I am glad its there, but I think its just a shame when you think how much better it could be ran in the right hands. And its not even close to Pro arenacross or supercross you wont fool anyone there, except maybe someone who has never seen or walked a AMA pro arenacross or supercross track. It would be 2 times better if the track surface was better I hear more people complain about that than anything, why not level it and bring in some good dirt mix it in then rebuild the track on top of that. Plus it seems like when the track is changed it stays that way for too long I know the other indoor tracks do that too, but you should want to be different and better I would think. And when the person who is running the facility puts a reply on here flipping people off that just shows me how much you care about anyone but yourself, I think thats about the worst thing I ever saw, if I were to give my opinion to Earlywines or Pro Source or Tecumseh they would listen and try to make the track better, instead you just tell us to stop whining and tell us to F--- Off, thats really being a nice guy. Good way to get business.