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  1. indy500

    XR650R won't rev

    It was the Ignition Coil. Even though it tested fine (by myself and two other mechanics). All is well in Indianapolis now. Thanks for all the replies. B
  2. indy500

    XR650R won't rev

    Just replaced the plug with a new NGK. No luck. Same scenario, starts and idles fine, but soon as I touch the throttle it goes dead. I've got an oem coil on the way. Is that is my last hope?
  3. indy500

    XR650R won't rev

    What is the consensus on spark plugs? Do you all run stock spec plugs or an alternative?
  4. indy500

    XR650R won't rev

    Will do. I'm out of town till Saturday, but will pick up a new one and let you know. Thanks, Brian
  5. indy500

    XR650R won't rev

    Thank you for the replies. I went as far as to chemically dip the carb, and blew out all passages. I just double checked the needle, all is well. I run a K&N filter, but have swapped it with a new UNI to eliminate that possibility. The rest of the intake track checks out OK, no leaks at all. Choke flap has been removed.
  6. indy500

    XR650R won't rev

    Here is a good one. The bike has always run great, daily commuter. Two weeks ago it started to struggle to rev past 4000 rpm. Like it was hitting a rev limiter. The problem has progressed from there to the point of not reving past 1300 rpm (as soon as I touch the throttle it dies). The bike starts and idles perfectly. What I have done so far: Complete disassembly and cleaning of the carb. Sandblasted the plug. Switched from my high output stator to the stock unit. Replaced the CDI with a new OEM unit. Checked the timing. Tested the ignition coil, and snipped 1/4 inch off the end of the high tension wire. Completely pulled apart the wiring harness and tested each wire individually. Setup a Temp gas tank with a perfectly straight shot for fuel delivery while bike is stationary. Disconnected all unnessary electrical addons(lights, killbuttons, ect). Valves are in spec. The only possiblilities left in my mind are the Ignition coil(even though it tests ok) and maybe the Auto Decomp. Brian