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  1. Rode some of the MCCT and ORV trails near the Tomahawk C loop. Still lots of snow and slush, but it's melting fast. Single track still had lots of snow. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.
  2. Cleonard, thanks to you and others I already fixed the choke plate problem. Any way to test if the stator is bad or going bad? Also, any tips on rewinding one?
  3. Thanks! How do I determine the size of the jets in there now? Are they marked?
  4. '98 stalls after an hour or so of trail riding Won't start unless I pull the spark plug and clean it and clear the engine. Plug is black, full of carbon. Not sure if this is a fuel problem (too rich) or ignition. Usually happens when running low rpms, seems like it's loading up???
  5. Anybody have recommendations for tires for '98 XR600R. Ride in Northern Michigan, sand, loose dirt, some pavement getting from house to trails. Looking for a good tire that does it all and lasts. Thanks!
  6. Looking for tire recommendations for my '98 XR600R. Ride in Northern Michigan, sand, loose dirt, some pavement to get from the house to the trails. Would like to get a tire that handles it all and lasts. Thanks!
  7. Stayed over at Deer Lake near Boyne Falls and rode some of the cross country connecter trails off of Thumb Lake Rd. and Slashing Rd. Good wide trails for me to get used to the XR6.
  8. Anyone riding the Tomahawk B loop Friday / Saturday? Planning on riding Friday morning.