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  1. lynn5199

    Fuel Treatment

    It eliminates all water problems, boosts octane boosts cetane, has acleaning agent in it that cleans your carb. Go to my site www.k100ofmichigan.com
  2. lynn5199

    Fuel Treatment

    K100 MG is now available in Michigan Yeehah!!!
  3. lynn5199

    Indoor Track

    ZMX is real fun but it is a bit complicated.But my 6yr old daughter is holding third in the 50 ss class so it cant be that bad. Go to the site and they have a virtual ride you can take and a 3d pic of the track.
  4. lynn5199

    Detroit Area Suspension Services

    I concur MCR rocks and they will take good care of you
  5. lynn5199

    Detroit Area Suspension Services

    MCR for sure they rock and will take real good care of you!!!