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  1. tooofast

    1997 KTM 640 Adventure Input

    I just got a 2000 640 adv last weekend with 7k on it and love it.. its been a pain getting it running, some of that becasue it sat for a year and was not loved some because im a dumb ass at time... regardless here is just about everything you could ever want to know about the bike/motor http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86958 and if you make it up this way come ride with us.. http://lvnvdualsports.com/forum/index.php There is something going on most weekends for one size of a bike or another.. Dave
  2. tooofast

    Anyone ride a BMW 1150GS?

    anything i should look for or look out for when getting one 2nd hand? Also what is the diffrence between the standard and the Adventure. Is it worth the extra cost that the Adventure seems to demand (even 2nd hand?) Thanks again Dave
  3. tooofast

    Anyone ride a BMW 1150GS?

    I have been looking at getting one for commuting and some unpaved road stuff (short cuts to work) and wonderd if anyone had one or had opnions. Dave
  4. Thanks, I think I'll re-jet this weekend and strip out the baffle. Thanks again for the advice. Dave
  5. tooofast

    list of cool stuff for the 230?

    Darn, That’s great!! It was not what i was after but will work just fine. I am sure it was a list of all the items that you could get for the 230 with each of the brands and the prices from the TT store. It looked something like a shopping list where it said 'here are the items that are available from your 230" then would have all the exhausts for the bike listed by price. Perhaps I should keep the garage door open when tuning the bikes as I think the carbon monoxide is really getting to me! as im sure i saw this! Thanks Dave
  6. Other than the big cost savings is there any reason to go with a power tip rather than a whole new system on my better halfs 230? Is the power tip replacement the correct way to uncock the system? Thanks Dave
  7. I seem to remember a site or a list of cool stuff for the 230 on the site here somewhere but i cannot seem to find it. Can someone point me to this?
  8. tooofast

    Boiling brakes?

    Fluid would be my thought. My background is supersport and its at least a two or three times a season thing on my race bike. What color is your fluid? It should be clear if it not (say brown) then its time to change. Its easy to do and only costs a few bucks so even if its not the fluid it will only cost you a few bucks and an hour to find out. Dave
  9. tooofast

    XR 600 - junk yard for parts?

    Ebay may be your best bet. There is often a bike being broken up on there. Dave
  10. tooofast

    Dual Sport Motorcycle Club in Las Vegas

    Im in but i wont be back in Vegas untill the 17th. TargretDrone can you keep me in the loop. Cheers Dave
  11. ok.. so what is the diffrence between a goose neck and a 5th wheel then. Can you tell i know nothing about this?
  12. Toy hauler.. 5th wheel? So PinknDirty and myself are looking at getting a toy hauler. Now we have the f350 diesel so I was thinking about going with the 5th wheel option. Having never ventured into the gooseneck/fithwheel playground I don’t know anything about them. I’m guessing that it will tow better and have the weight set over the rear axel so that should help. What other advantages or disadvantages do they have? Is cost a factor between them and a standard hitch or is there even a difference? Thanks Dave
  13. tooofast

    Moving to VEGAS!

    Congrats on the job. We got here in October (moved from FL). Drop me a PM if you like and i can give you the deal on being new to the city. Cheers. Dave
  14. OK. So being new to this whole dirt thing (and loving it) I have another silly question on cleaning the foam filer(s) that are in the XR600. I went and got the filter cleaner and the oil, but wanted some suggestions as to the basic process such as hot water or cold? Let them soak or not? Scrub clean? dry with compressed air? Thanks in advance as always. Dave
  15. After the lifted trucks discussion I hardly dare ask this but…. I need a really long ramp!! I have a “motojack” carrier that goes in my class 3 hitch and that has worked just fine for me but now the better half has stated riding I’m going to need to throw the bikes in the back of the truck. It’s a f350 with a 4 inch lift kit to clear the 35’s Now I have a 6 foot ramp that with 2 people and a lot of grunt I can get the pig into the back with but really wanted something a little longer, well, a lot longer really but I’ll take what I can get. The price is not my primary concern due to the fact that is simply the cost of the 2 of us riding together and it’s well worth having her ride to me as I now get to ride as much as I want and we get to do it together. Any suggestions on ones you have seen, used, stuff to stay away from? Thanks as always. Dave