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  1. sbracer

    KLX250S Dual Sport in U.S.

    The CA model is 2-3 pounds heavier in the spec sheets due to extra emmisions plumbing (so I would say there is a 49 state model and a CA model). That said, I have heard you must have 7500 miles on an out of state bike before it can be registered in CA.
  2. While searching for something on the Kawi website for release date news, I noticed that the weight on the specs page has increased from 262lb to 278lb/280lb(CA). Then I decided to call the Consumer Support phone number to see if I could get any info as my local dealer never has any, and the Rep told me that in the middle of March each (most) US dealer will get 1 bike with the rest trickling in mid April!
  3. sbracer

    KLX250S coming to California vs. WR250R

    It's funny, because the Kawi site says 2009 Califonia model, and the local dealer said he hasn't heard anything about a 2008 model. I'm not sure if this is for real yet...
  4. sbracer

    why the drz400sm

    I've always been a sportbike rider and done a bit of racing. My wife never took to the 250 Ninja I got her, so I was started using it as a commuter because I only ride the R6 on weekend rides. I got bored with the Ninja and traded it (with some $) for a Motard. I left the dealer after the impulse thinking "what did just I do?!?" Then I got to my favorite local twisty road and 1/2 a mile in, I said to myself "now I get it!", all while still trying to think about breaking it in... Sometimes I choose to ride it over the sportbike, and have finally done some mods to it after 1 year. It even led me into getting a dirtbike. -Eric
  5. SM with 3x3, jetting & slip-on. Gear from 15/41 to 14/40, about 4 teeth lower gearing, (as low as I'd want to go after reading posts and different variations tested). The wheel is all the way to last mark on swingarm now due to less sprocket for chain to wrap around. Longer wheelbase seems desirable for stability, but less prone to lift the front end due to over an inch longer effective swingarm then taller with taller gearing. Anyone notice this? Are you cutting chain to move wheel forward, or do you prefer longer wheelbase? Maybe a change to different sprocket combos for chosen gearing to take up the slack? Also, a taller 150 rear may make gearing taller also (hence the large drop in ratio I chose). Thanks for any opinions you may have! -Eric
  6. Funny enough, I got a small nail in the rear tire yesterday! 40 miles from home, 8 miles from the main road. 95 degrees outside, Cell service a was mile back and my buddy came and got me with his trailer within the hour. Must carry supplies next time... New tube going in tonight!