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  1. Hon450x06

    09 stalling with no bump start

    I noticed that mine was hard to bump start after killing it to. I noticed that when I killed it and was trying to bump start it I had my throttle partially opened and it would not restart. The next time I killed it I made sure my throttle was full closed, dropped the clutch and it started right up. I am wondering if it is possible that the TPS has anything to do with it in a stall situation.
  2. Hon450x06

    2009 First ride report

    I just went to motocross action magazine online and it was on the front page.
  3. Hon450x06

    2009 First ride report

    MXA has a ride report for the 2009 honda crf 450. Sounds very good!
  4. Hon450x06

    New top end!

    Yeah, I put in a stage 2 since I ride a lot of open desert. There is a lot of snow right now so I have not had a chance to try it out.
  5. Hon450x06

    New top end!

    I actually tore it down because I had some hard hours on it and figured it was time for a piston anyway. Plus my brother just got an '08 450R in black and I rode it and thought I would do some things to mine to make it pull a little harder. I will say that we were riding side by side down a fire road and I pulled one of those wheelies that just kept going and I wound up shifting until I was in fifth gear. I saw the turn off coming so I set it down and stopped, looked back and He was way back there. Oh, I love the wide ratio transmission!
  6. Hon450x06

    New top end!

    I was just reading some posts and realized I have not posted anything in a long time. I thought I would share my findings on my recent tear down on my '06 450x. I have about 100 hours on my bike and I was getting a bad bog even while riding around large sweeper corners at speed. So I decided it was time for a piston and to check the valves and such. Long story short, I put a high compression piston and a cam in it and ordered the JD power surge and leak jet kit. I still need to break it in but I thought I would share my findings in my carburator. My pilot jet was completely plugged with dirt or something. So, if you can't cure the bog on your bike it might be worth checking your pilot. The real victory was the valve clearence was right on spec and had never been checked. Keep on riding!
  7. Hon450x06

    full throttle

    The bike is very lean stock. Re-jetting will cure your problems, I recommend the JD jet kit. It has detailed instructions and makes a big difference in how the bike runs. One thing you can do right away that will help is open the pilot up. My bike would cough when you hit the throttle because the pilot was set leaner than the manual even says. Hope that helps!
  8. Hon450x06

    Some Times you get what you pay for~

    Okay, First of all Scotts Stainless oil filters do have a bypass. I went through the same debate before I bought one. A local shop told me to never run a stainless oil filter because it will ruin the engine because it does not filter well enough. Then I started researching and found very little info on this claim. While I was at the shop, he showed me a stainless filter from an older Yamaha that was a factory item that Yamaha has since gone away from for the same reasons, only when compared to the scotts it has very large holes and is not comparable in any way. The bypass thing, if you read up on it, says that the scotts will not likely use the bypass on cold start up because it flows better due to a larger surface area on the filter Besides, if you look at the Scotts filter, the holes are so tiny that I can't imagine whatever that gets through would do anything to the motor anyway. You probably already have that stuff in your motor anyway. If you use a paper filter, everytime you start your bike cold you are likely using the bypass and putting larger debris in your motor since the cold oil won't go through the paper as well.
  9. Hon450x06

    New CRF450X!

    Congrats on the new ride Remember what you have learned on TT..... full quart of oil in the tranny, ignore what the manual says as far as capacity You will love the bike and it does have just a little more power than the 250 And yes, jet it! World of difference
  10. Hon450x06

    450X Graphics

    Factory effex EVO3. I put these on with no problems, they have a specific set for the x. I also put the front and rear fender stickers and trim kit on. The rear fender is somewhat of a pain since it has the tail light, but I just started at the seat and worked my way back and cut out for the light. It looks good. I also installed the front lower fork stickers, you have to cut out for the odo mount. If you are looking for number plate backgrounds, I would recommend FX DS1 custom printed backgrounds. They come specific for the x and are pre cut for the air-box door and front headlight. Enjoy!
  11. Hon450x06

    whats the reality?

    I have an 02 crf 450r that I had the valve issues on and I replaced them with kibblewhite ss valves, no more issues. After going through that, and knowing the importance of a clean air filter, good oils, and good maintenance, I still went out and bought an 06 450x because there is no substitute for a bike that feels right and kicks a--. I think with proper maintenance these bikes are very reliable and I would rather do maintenance than have a bike that did not perform up to the standards these bikes are capable of. Buy the x, do the mods, put a full quart in the tranny and never look back!
  12. Hon450x06

    Which tyres are best , your views

    Dunlops do where out fast , but I really like the 773's front and rear. They hook up in the loose stuff well and corner good too . You can find them for $110 for the pair. Good luck!
  13. Hon450x06

    New 06 450x!

    Go to http://dirtdiggers.de/images/pinkwire/ It will give very good pictures of the pink wire mod. Sorry, I did not completely answer the question. The pink wire mod changes the rev limiter and ignition curve to a crf 450r, I believe.
  14. Hon450x06

    New 06 450x!

    Hey guys, I have been reading this forum for a couple of months and appreciate all the great information. I just got my new 06 450x and bought my wife an 05 250x . I did all the usual mods: airbox, pink wire, Jd kit, gpr damper, etc. Everything is great so far.