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  1. stearns86

    Radiator and water pump issues

    Bump. No one can help me here?
  2. My buddy has a 2004 CRF450R just like myself. 3 years ago in July he effed up his shoulder bad. He missed the rest of that season, rode seldom the following year and late last season he just started riding alot again. This season he is serious again. Here is the problem though. He broke the Y deal on his radiator and replaced that. He then blew his head gasket. He blew the Y deal on the radiator again last week. He had no idea what the problem was. He drained the radiator and took the water pump cover off and it was all gummed up where the antifreeze comes in from the case. He found his problem. He cleaned it out and put antifreeze back in. It worked for a bit, started to overheat. He took it a part and it gummed up again with crud. He hadn't change his Engine Ice antifreeze in more that 3 years. I told him to flush the hell out of that radiator 4 to 5 times with distilled water and he should be fine. Is there another problem that I am not aware of and is this the advice I should give him?
  3. stearns86

    Two Cool

    I just bought this stuff. Do you run it on the tranny side also, or just the engine side? Anyone used it before?
  4. stearns86

    Clutch Techniques

    Another great example. Much better than going down a gear, raising the front end and looping out!
  5. stearns86

    Clutch Techniques

    No problem. You came to the right place to find out!!! Let us all know if any of this is any help to you riding. All that I explained above, I kind of learned on my own. I honestly think good use of your clutch and knowing how to use it can make riding easier, more fun, and actually can make you a bit faster. 2nd gear on my Honda CRF450R is just too much for me. Keeping the front end down, and the back end from washing on me can be a task, so I like to keep it in 3rd gear as much as possible out of corner, etc. and just manipulate the clutch. I am not overly fast, but it seems to work very well for me and its one of the advantages of a 450 MX bike. I do use 2nd gear in very tight turns, but I have gotten use to how to use the clutch well, and can manage 3rd most of the time.
  6. Everyone is giving good advice. I don't know if this just started happening out of know where, but I had this happen to me once and it simply was a flat back tire. I wouldn't assume this is the issue, but if you haven't checked you may want to. If its a riding technique thing, then the advice above is great advice.
  7. stearns86

    Clutch Techniques

    1)You need to use the clutch when you brake into turns or the motor will die if you remain in the same gear. If you do kill the motor, you can simple pull on the clutch and let go and as long as you have enough speed you will will bump start it. 2)Feathering will prevent your back wheel from spinning(when you come out of a corner Wide Open Throttle) and to keep the front end down. You are WOT, but "feathering" the clutch. What you are essentially doing is manipulating the power by using the clutch. You are not fully engaging or disengaging, just have it pulled enough to control the bike and keep it under control. 3)Popping the clutch....Here is a great example. Say if you go into a corner and make a mistake and are too slow in lets say 3rd gear.....On a 4 stroke you are going to be to low in the RPM's to get the thing going. Instead of down shifting into 2nd you can engage the clutch, rev the motor a bit(to get the RPM's up and keep it from bogging) and pop the clutch to get moving quicker without down shifting. Hope this helps. I use all the techniques are are asking about.
  8. stearns86

    Rear hub....Anyone have spare one for sale?

    I don't know if I have searched correctly but I couldn't find just a hub on ebay. Brand new I looked on motosportoutlet for him and they are $240.
  9. A buddy of mine needs a hub for the rear wheel on his 06 450. If anyone has one for sale at a reasonable price, let me know either in this thread of by PM. He may be looking for a swingarm also. If anyone has one, or is parting a bike out let me know also. Thanks
  10. stearns86

    St. Louis MX???

    If you live in St. Charles, here is a good list of tracks that are within 2 hours. I live in Florissant and these are the places I frequent the most that IMO are the best tracks. Archview MX Park-Washington Park, IL-30 minutes Proving Grounds-Troy, MO-1 hr Euroraceway-10 miles south of Nashville, IL-1 hr 25 min MMXP-Rolla, MO-1 hr 45 min Crossroads MX-Mason, IL(south of Effingham) 1hr 45 min Between these 5, these are the ones I ride throughout the year. I enjoy all of them and they are all great tracks. I haven't heard anything good about Finger Lakes. I'd go to one of the above over that place.
  11. Hmmmm.... Well I have now ridden my bike 4 times since I got the MRD exhaust on my bike. I have an 04 450 and the bike feels totally different. I got the low-mid setup and it has made a big difference. It was a perfect power solution to my riding style and I am clearing jumps easier than I had before and with much more confidence. The pipe looks cool as hell. It is louder than stock but not as bad as the other aftermarket exhaust. I am glad I listened to the TTers because it was money well spent for me.
  12. stearns86

    New MRD Pro Comp

    I was in Tulsa for work for 3 weeks but before I left I ordered a system from Dave and it showed up while I was gone. My header was screwed and needed a new header and decided to just get a full system. 1)The new endcap looks awesome. I love the look of the exhaust. 2)The power is excellent. My bike pulls much harder and I love the power gains. I had him give me the low to mid set-up and it is exactly what the doctor ordered. 3)It has a more aggressive tone than the stock exhaust. It is a little louder at idle but is nothing like some of the $800 systems out there. 4)This is the best bang for the buck and it has a unique look to it. I have riden my buddies 04 450R with the Pro-Circuit Ti system on it, and would take my set up any day over it for half the price plus the unique look. 5)Thanks Dave. You are as advertised.
  13. stearns86

    Need stock header for 04 450R

    I got impatient and didn't think I would find one. I went ahead and ordered a full system through MRD. Thanks for the response. I wish I would have gotten it sooner. I am pretty stoked about the MRD exhaust though. Thanks again.
  14. I just ordered one today for my 04. Dave was awesome. He has a new end cap that makes it around the same sound level as stock. He is awaiting them and that is whats going on my can. I told him what I wanted and he said thats what he would build me! I posted in another thread about my header being destroyed this past weekend. I couldn't find a stock one cheap so instead of just buying a brand new header and just decided to upgrade my exhaust and go with MRD.
  15. stearns86

    Need stock header for 04 450R

    Remind me to t-bag you the next time I see you.