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    What was your worst crash/wreck?

    1972, I was 12 and racing a Yamaha 100 at Puyallup Raceway Washington. First corner, in 3rd place. Guy in 1st crashes on the inside, second place launches off him, airborne into me on the outside. I go down hard, his bike folding me over backwards as it forces me into a heels overhead roll. That crash damaged several vertebrae in my neck, but my dad wasn’t a doctor-going guy. In football, my left arm would go numb for several minutes after a hard hit. After over 20 years as an automotive tech, and 2 disc fusions to my neck, I am left with hands that have limited movement, and are weak, as well as a left arm several inches smaller than my right. I still ride, but not at the level I would like. Any time on the bike is a blessing, especially since my youngest son has been bitten by the bug.
  2. yamadog 04

    Herniated Disc - Surgery Or Alternative?

    I'm currently recouping after my second disc fuse in 3 years, last operation on Halloween. Had a bad crash in MX when I was 12, I'm now 46. My hands slowly lost muscle and dexterity over time, much more quickly in the last 4 years. It got to the point that I couldn't hang onto my bike if I went over 1/2 throttle. Tried excercise, chiropractic, and drugs, no real relief. My chiro looked at the results of my last MRI and said "Quit playing around, and get the operation". So far, my feeling and dexterity has returned some, just waiting for the end of Jan when I get the all clear from my doc. Last time he said "don't do anything that hurts". I snowboard and ride, guess I'll try not to crash at either starting Feb. If you choose surgery, be sure to check the rep of your surgen, and get a second opinion.