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  1. rdalley

    2015 Husqvarna TE 300

    Where in Colorado are you and how far are you willing to travel. This one is near Durango, less than 100 hours on it. https://farmington.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2016-husqvarna-te300/6689433364.html
  2. rdalley

    Moab riding is amazing

    Whitewash Sand dunes would be perfect for what you're looking for. You can connect to some slickrock trails and Enduro Loop, both are singletrack for bikes, 10 mile wash, but also lots of open sand dune riding for the quads. Easy access with a toyhauler and depending on what you grocery getter is you could get that in there also.
  3. What year is your bike and what main and pilot did JD recommend? My 16 runs perfect at 5500' with his blue needle #2, a 38 pilot and a 162 main. about 70* 50:1 mix
  4. rdalley

    Easier way to change oil?

    Its just a M12x1.5 fitting like this. Would be easy to make yourself. https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/80258437?product_id=nv&rd=k&pcrid=183709198724&gclid=CjwKCAjwrO_MBRBxEiwAYJnDLLtPxQtjilwoVk7uPiiEKaqAR2dJ-rLkQiYrBacWxPmuPEFPFA6btxoC-kEQAvD_BwE&mkwid=s5L52ti5l|dc&cid=ppc-google-_s5L52ti5l__b_183709198724_c_S
  5. rdalley

    Easier way to change oil?

  6. rdalley

    Jetting 2008 crf450r?

    Did you try any of the suggested jetting and how did it work out?
  7. rdalley

    Jetting 2008 crf450r?

    I dug up some of my old notes for you. I dont have my 08 anymore, but it was the best 4 stroke at the time. I loved it. My settings on my 08 were at 5000' up to about 8000' 158 or 160 main 42 pilot and the needle clip one position leaner than stock, (can't remember what position that is.) Get an R&D external fuel screw. Then you can adjust it with your fingers easily depending on temperature and conditions. Makes a big difference runs awesome, starts easily, even when hot, and even in gear. At lower elevations a lot of guys run a 45 pilot and that cures their starting issues. I had over 120 hours on it with that jetting. Never a problem from slow singletrack in Moab to WOT desert The 158 or 160 main is a big jump from what comes stock but that bikes stock main jet was rich even at sea level. This was confirmed to me buy Eddie Sisneros, the jetting expert here on thumpertalk.
  8. rdalley

    Te300 moab trip

    Trip got postponed until May. I just got a new '16 and have been trying to get the jetting figured out, that's why I asked. I have found out that a lot of guys run a 38 or 40 pilot, even up into the high mountains above 7000'. I've heard that is what Jeff Slavens runs in his mountain setup. Supposed to give it better low end grunt. I am at 5200 here and am trying a 40 pilot, NECJ 2nd clip and 168 or 165 main. Just haven't had time to ride yet with that setup. It ran pretty good with a 38 pilot and the NECJ 2nd clip but felt lean down low. I think the NEDJ is .5 clip richer so that might be better than the NECJ. If you're into trying new things while you're in Moab next month that might be worth trying.
  9. rdalley

    Te300 moab trip

    Im headed to Moab next moth. I'm curious what was your jetting setup and how did it run? Are you on a 15-16 TE or the new 17?
  10. rdalley

    Right elbow Tendon

    Not sure what happened. Try this.
  11. rdalley

    Right elbow Tendon

    Read this thread and try some Vitamin D. I had severe golfer's and tennis elbow in both arms. Its completely gone now. https://www.thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1208225-any-new-cures-or-advice-for-tennisgolf-elbow/#comment-13428617
  12. Curious if the OP tried any of the above and what were the results?
  13. Check out this thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1081377-dr-mark-vitamin-d-and-tendonitis/?hl=elbow I had blood work done and was very deficient in Vitamin D. I ended up taking 10,000 iu of Vitamin D per day and after about 6 weeks it went away entirely.
  14. rdalley

    Help with Pitser Pro carb

    I just bought a 2008 Pitster Pro X4 and it has no carb vent lines. Can someone take a pic or two for me showing the correct vent line hookup and routing?
  15. rdalley

    A ganglion cyst.

    Maybe Dr Mark will chime in but I had one on my wrist. I have a friend who is an Orthopedic Surgeon and he said the same thing. Called it a bible Cyst. Told me it would be painful but wouldn't hurt anything to smack it with a hardback book. Had to hit it pretty hard but it worked, and hurt like hell. But its been gone for years.