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  1. Honda

    Dude, aren't you kinda big for a TRX90??? Honda TRX90 50 Watt Stator assembly, '06-'08 $125.00 Ricks is a different vendor
  2. My registration wasn'd due til 2009 (paid in 2007) last Oct got a notice to pay new $52.00 fee even though it should have been good til June 2009. My wife paid it before I even saw the notice. The new green sticker was good until June 2010. Just got a notice today that my registration is due in June, again even though the sticker states 2010. Anyone else have this problem? Now I have to take time to go to DMV to find out what is going on. And yes this is all for the same bike.
  3. I work in that area at times. A few years back I was working in Death Valley and the nearest motel that had rooms was in Tonapah, all due to damed wild flowers blooming and some kind of race in Las Vegas. There were people stopping in the middle of the road and setting up tripods to take pictures. When I asked if they could move to the shoulder the reply was that they had read a sign that said no stopping on the side of the road. So I guess since there was no sign about stopping in the middle of the road, that was okay.
  4. That sign confuses me. If all off road vehicle use is prohibited, why would I call or contact anyone? Except maybe to tell them how idiotic their sign is.
  5. I love how people freak out after a missle launch. Makes for a great evening sky, and great fun with the less informed folks.
  6. Back in the mid 1970's a group of us were camping in the upper end of Jawbone Canyon we woke up one moring and found bear crap still steaming aout 30' from the trailer. Not only do bears crap in the forest, they also crap in Jawbone.
  7. Glad to hear he's doing better. I agree about 395 being dangerous, I just crossed it yesterday on the way to the Husky Monument. It's hard to judge if it's safe to cross when the traffic could be going (and probably is) at leat 80 mph.
  8. I was going to try and find these, but I think they are on a singletrack trail. Now being a "QUADTARD" I will not ruin a single-T trail by riding it. I noticed a lot of the trails have closed trail markers even though they were established trails.
  9. I was just at the monument yesterday, everything looked okay. Sure has grown in the last few years.
  10. I was wondering about that. Rode the trail, crossed Neuralia and had to wing it from there (actually not much to wing). Took no time to ride from Esse to JB. Wayne keep up the GGGGGGREATTTT work. I for one appreciate it. And also a big thanks to California City for making it possible.
  11. Used to do it the night before and the morning of, but never during a race. Although I might as well have. The good ole days. How did we survive?
  12. I work in that area alot and it seems I15 always has some sort of trouble. Take Cima Road south to Kelso/Cima Rd. then west to Kelbaker Rd. at the Kelso Depot. I actually look for a reason not to take I15 between Barstow and Stateline. Love that area. The Mojave Road is a great thing to do a least once. I was there in July also. Be careful this time of year for obvious reasons. I have been out and have not seen anyone except Santa Fe workers. I also carry two seperate GPS systems in case one dies. Last trip to Vegas one of my fan blades broke off, bounced around in the shroud and finally went through the radiator. Luckily I was in Tehachapi getting back on 58 when it happened. Still I was down for 26 hours. Just 2 week before I was out near Marl Springs and if the fan broke then I would have been in a world of hurt and the land of the long hot walk.
  13. I find large rocks placed across trails alot on the east side of 395 near Fremont Peak. I also have seen a white pickup with some type of shell on the back in the area. There is a guy who lives close to Cuddyback I run into once in a while, seems to be a nice guy. I'll ask him about the white truck. Oh man, what if he's the guy? Wouldn't want to end up somebody's Sunday night dinner. Ha Ha!
  14. I had a Basenji when I lived in Liberia in the 70's, excellent dog. He was a very protective dog in the house, and when he was outside he was very friendly to most people. One thing that was very curuious is that when he got upset his hair whould raise up along his back and he would emit an odor which went away as soon as he calmed down. Still miss that dog.
  15. I read the posts about "desert residence" upset about OHVers. I was raised in the desert and love every inch of it, no matter how ugly or hot. Most probably moved there after retirement. Complaining about OHVers is like moving next to an airport and being upset about the noise. Ride legal, ride safe, and let them pound sand.