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  1. spikkyboy

    WHICH power up for my TRX450R ?

    HI guys im running a 2005 model. If you good folk know of any good web sites for getting parts from please could you post em on here??? Thanx and finally Chowder will try do get some piccies of dunes but i could ger arrested for taking them !!!!!!!!!!!! thanx Mario
  2. spikkyboy

    Poor Running 2005 TRX450R

    I would just like to say thankyou to the two folk who took the time out to give me suggestions on the problem of my poor running TRX450R, Reconranger and i heart ridin . THANKYOU guys !!!!!!!!!! I eventually sussed the problem and thought id put it in here ( even tho it's embarrasing !!!) just so no one else makes the mistake i did !!! When i rebuilt the airbox i put the rounded air pipe (right hand side) 180 degrees out !!!!!! Yeh i know any abusive name will do !!!!! incredible the problems it caused !!! Anyway hopefully no one else will do the same and once again THANKYOU to the guys mentioned above.......... Must go i can hear those dunes a calling............ Happy quadding everyone Mario
  3. spikkyboy

    Honda WHICH power up for my TRX450R ?

    Right then, i do a lot of desert riding (Saudi Arabia im a Brit by the way so dont shout at me ) i think you American folk call it Baja?? I want to upgrade the power on my virgin TRX450R ( once i get it running right again!!) so which gear do i go for ????? Is it worth putting the HRC power up kit on her when all i do is desert/dune/climbs ??? I dont race cos i would get bored racing myself!!! Only TRX450R here boo hoo Which exhaust system would be best?? Yoshi?? Pulse Charger etc?? Any help guys would be great. And remember guys i'm a Brit so be nice and treat me gentle !!!!!! Thanx
  4. spikkyboy

    Honda Poor Running 2005 TRX450R

    Can someone please help help help ????? im off the road and its hurting !!!!!!!!!! My TRX450R has developed a running problem,she starts fine but sounds a bit ruff and when going up the gears she just dies big time! Even in neutral when revving she just dies out on me. Idle speed is fine. I have just done a recent service on her, as in oil change and good clean n tidy up,but since putting her back together she has developed this problem. Ive changed the fuel,ive cleaned the carb,the jets are clean and free flowing(as far as i can tell ) but to no avail, she still dies at MID to HIGH revs!!!!! I'm convinced it's a fuel/air problem but who knows ????? I didnt disturb anything when i serviced her and she was running fine before hand Can anyone out there help get me n my quad back into the desert PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ??????????????????? Any sensible suggestions greatly needed and appreciated thanks folks Mario (spikkyboy )