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  1. I didn't know if it was FOX or OAKLEY ad. I used to have one back in the day and it was lost in my move. I am not wanting to purchase it, just want a photo of it for my screensaver. Baddest sequence pic ever!!!
  2. I have looked all over for a picture or link of the famous poster of Bubba doing the scrub sequence (think if was an Oakley poster back in his 259 days at a National). One of the best pics ever in my opinion. I was hoping the someone could reply with it attached or give me a link as to where to find it.
  3. LAWLESS23

    Just Got Mine...ssr B2 Pro 14/12

    Make an offer (PM me) on my bike. Comes with all parts. I am getting out of the dirt scene due to several injuries. Wanting to sale ASAP. Bike in great shape. Looks just like the pictures still! Just pit riding, no races done.
  4. LAWLESS23

    Just Got Mine...ssr B2 Pro 14/12

    Respond to "Outlaw Powersports" previous post. They are a wealth of knowledge and can answer all of your questions. I was originally going to buy from them but I ended up buying two from Luella Motorsports @ $1775 each. Killer deal!! Do a Google search on the bike you have and a list of sites will pop up.
  5. LAWLESS23

    SSR pit bikes?

    See my post "JUST GOT MINE-SSR B2 PRO"
  6. LAWLESS23

    Just Got Mine...ssr B2 Pro 14/12

    I have had no problems "TRACEW" with my SSR B2 PRO. I have really given it hell too. With this being my first mini, I have crashed a lot trying to improve and the bike keeps on running strong. My friend also has one and has not been so lucky. He cased a 50 double on his and bent the frame. I guess this is to be expected when you come up short. We took it to a local fab shop and they straightened it and welded a brace and now it is even stronger. I don't run rims locks and have never had a popped tube. I run Bel Ray Thumper oil and everything is still great. I am looking into making it a little faster now. I guess the hot setup is a Lifan head. ??? Everyone I let ride it wants one, IT IS A BLAST and for the $ amount you can't go wrong! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. LAWLESS23

    Clutch Springs...?

    Thanks for the feedback. I weigh about 180lbs but am not having any clutch slipping.....yet.
  8. Hello all.....a friend of mine gave me his BBR clutch springs. I have a stock motor 2004 CRF50 and was wondering what, if any, the advantages are in putting them in. Anybody help me out?
  9. LAWLESS23

    SSR B2 stiff clutch... Anyone else?

    Yeah, I haven't had any problems with mine either. The pull isn't easy, but it isn't hard either. What about trying a hydro clutch? Would that help?
  10. LAWLESS23

    Just Got Mine...ssr B2 Pro 14/12

    Thanks for the compliments! I love the bike so far and I have just minor issues. I am always in between gears. I guess a simple solution would to just get a different sprocket. The other is the handle bars are not the best. I am planning on getting Pro Tapers soon. This is my first "mini" and I can't complain at all! It is soooooo much fun. I will post some video and more pics soon (also of my girl friend's CRF50).
  11. LAWLESS23

    Just Got Mine...ssr B2 Pro 14/12

  12. LAWLESS23

    Just Got Mine...ssr B2 Pro 14/12

  13. LAWLESS23

    2 Part SSR Question...

    I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. ...but, I bought 2 SSR B2 Pros from Luella Motorsports and was SOOOOOOOOOO pleased with them. They were the best price hands down than anyone else!!! Moving on, are you asking if the C4 or the B2 is better, pros/cons? I have 2 C4s in my garage now and two B2s and the B2 is obviously the better choice. Just remember, you get what you pay for! I hope this is a push in the right direction for you!