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  1. jerejuly

    Suspension Help

    I ended up pulling the fork legs out. I did manage to forget to loosen the cap and lose the dampener rod on the first fork so I ended up dumping the oil out. Followed the manual from there and it all worked out really well. Thanks for your help.
  2. jerejuly

    2009 WR 450 (springs)

    I just did mine. Scared to death I was going to screw something up. RockyMountainATVMC have a fork seal rebuild video I found on Youtube which was helpful. 2 pieces of advice... 1.Loosen the fork caps before you pull the forks off. 2.Before you unscrew the dampener rod, tie it off with some wire or string or it will drop down into the tube and you will need to drain the oil to retrieve it unless you are changing the oil the oil as well. The previous owner had just re valved my front shocks and they had fresh oil. All in all it was pretty simple.
  3. jerejuly

    Suspension Help

    Nice. Thanks for that. I "Cowboyed" up in the end and just finished my rear spring. No where near as difficult as I had imagined. Do I need to take the forks out of the triple. I have heard of guys swapping springs with the forks still in place. Little more research before I start them.
  4. jerejuly

    Suspension Help

    Swapping out the stock springs on my '07 WR450 for new Race Tech units. I'm sure if I looked harder I could find a nice step by step guide with pictures to show me how to do it, but I have had no luck so far. I'm sure it's not that hard (swapped the rear on a KLX400sr). I'm someone who works best with pictures. Not a complete idiot, only half. If anyone knows of a Thread that would help, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. 2004 to 2006 WR450 and go to http://www.procycle.us/dskits/dskit.htm. Their kits were specifically designed for use with a WR450 and I think the Kawi KX450 (not sure on that).
  6. jerejuly

    BMW 2010 G450x - no ignition switch?

    I'll be putting one of these on very soon. http://www.procycle.us/images/dualsport/keyswitch_power_kill.jpg
  7. jerejuly

    BMW G450X - problems starting

    Happy to hear to it. I've had mine out a few times now. Just put the power plug in and was really happy with it. Little worried when I started reading some of these threads but not so much now. Not looking forward to the 70hr check up.$$$
  8. jerejuly

    pro cycle dual sport kit

    Got my WR450's DS kit from them. They shorted me the hydraulic brake switch and I thought I was going to be in for a fight with them to get it sent to me. No worries at all. I even had them on the phone to talk me through some of the wiring questions/issues I had. Definitely recommend them.
  9. jerejuly

    where's my key dude??... g450x

    I'm thinking of adding a hidden kill switch also. Any suggestions where and what does this do to the BMW warranty? I live in a small Albertan town, close to Saskatchewan. If someone does steal it, I should be able to see them drive away for at least an hour or so.
  10. jerejuly

    General G450X discussion

    Hi All, Just got my G450X in early December. Traveled through a blizzard to get it so I have not had a chance to even do the 2hr break in yet. BMW Canada have had the bike on for $8000 with an aftermarket slipon and decal kit. BMW Finance is also offering really low interest rates as well. With a 3 year warranty, the cost of a new KTM, hard to find Husqvarnas, and a total lack of a decent, street legal, off road worthy Japanese bike, the G450 was a no brainer. Really looking forward to Spring. Alberta winters are way too long. I want to start getting some addons for it and the first will be some handguards. Anyone have some advice onto which ones fit best and what size are the handlebars. Looking at some Moose aluminum wraparounds. Would they work? Always bought second-hand bikes and they already had handguards so I am a total noob in that regard. Really great reading about everyones ups and downs with the G. All very helpful.
  11. jerejuly

    Any Alberta Riders?

    Wainwright here.
  12. jerejuly

    Swapping Parts

    Nice! Thanks!
  13. jerejuly

    Swapping Parts

    I have an '03 450 which was bought with several aftermarket parts. Scott Steering Dampener, Pro Circuit Ti-4 slip on, IMS 3.3 tank and a few others. Wondering if these will fit on a newer model? Say an '06. Plan is to enjoy this one and maintain it but if a newer one comes up, grab it and swap over the good stuff.