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  1. Man I really like the crf style tanks and shrouds on the JDM bikes.
  2. buellfire

    Tail/Brake Light Kit

    baja designs sells the parts your looking for.
  3. buellfire

    2002 xr250 and kenda carlsbad tires k772

    Thanks. I bought the Carlsbads. Its a good looking tire. I guess I see how they hookup as soon as the weather brakes.
  4. buellfire

    riding in Kentucky or Tennessee?

    If going to big rock. Its northern kentucky clay slime with some big hills. i would drive alittle longer and go to Black mountain, Brimestone, lbl, or coal creek in the big south fork. I live about an hour from Big rock and don,t go there, unless its dry. The others even wet are still fun.
  5. Has anyone run theses in the southern Ohio, Kentucky area? I found a good deal on a set and I want to make sure its a good purchase. They say they are for intermedate and hard pack. We sure have hard clay, when dry and slime when wet. I want them just for riding not racing. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I need to find the best tire for this super slick slime we ride in here in Ohio/Kentucky. After 10 years on quads I sold them all and put myself and kids back on Honda dirtbikes. I ride a 2002 xr250r and the girls a 2002 xr70 and xr100. I like the feeling of a bike under me again but the girls said they slide around to much. On my last bike a 1996 xr400 I liked the Dunlap 752. I just need something durable and self cleaning. Thanks