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  1. BigBadOrange

    let's ride Vegas area

    I will probably be doing jean on Sunday.
  2. BigBadOrange

    Las Vegas ceramic coating?

    I had some parts ceramic coated at a place on arville around the corner from the orleans. I can't remember the name, but I know there is a choming shop in the same plaza. They do every thing from small parts to complete sandrail frames.
  3. BigBadOrange

    Converting a YZ250F and getting Nevada plate, Possible?

    I agree, just plated my 2006 wr250f. Baja kit, dealer service shop inspects, DMV vinspects, DMV employee checks with supervisor 2 or 3 times. Walk out with plates. The will issue a title and you should get it in 3-4 weeks.
  4. BigBadOrange

    Misses on Cruising 2006 wr250

    Did the needle change last night per your recommendations. This morning, I got to ride the bike around for about 5 minutes after warm up and the stumble is almost completely gone. Thanks!
  5. BigBadOrange

    vegas ride anybody

    I might be interested. My WR is now official street legal!
  6. Grey wire mod. PMB end cap. JD jetting kit (installed per instructions, not sure off the top of my head but I will go with blue 4th clip.) Air box mods. Bike runs great on acceleration, but misses when holding speed steady. It is dual sported so steady speeds are necessary I am guessing that this is the pilot range and that the pilot jet is to rich so I need to turn it in a half turn or so? What do you guys think? Thanks!
  7. BigBadOrange

    JD Jet Kit on the way

    What bike year and wr/yz? If you can get to the carb, the JD kit is super simple. My 2006 wr required removing the carb which is a little more involved.
  8. BigBadOrange

    Dual Sport Motorcycle Club in Las Vegas

    Sounds like fun to me. Ron loomis should know who steve makar is. Steve has set up 2 dual sport rides around vegas and really knows his stuff! He would be a HUGE asset to any club.
  9. BigBadOrange

    Vegas Dual Sport Ride Sunday April 23

    Cant make it, i have a lady friend coming into town. Sounds like a fun ride!
  10. BigBadOrange

    Vegas Dual Sport Ride Sunday April 23

    The baja kit is installed! Taking to the dealer on saturday to get the form filled out. BTW the stator mod is a beotch!!!!
  11. BigBadOrange

    OMG! Airbox fan

    NO fn way that would EVER work. By the time you could get a heavy duty enough electic motor to pump out the required CFM, AND a "stator" to put out enought juice to support that motor, you would be +50 pounds easy.
  12. BigBadOrange

    trails from the APEX

    If I don't go skiing on Sunday I will try to make it. timf, do you have any gps points of those trails, they look great!
  13. That about sums it up. anyone know?
  14. BigBadOrange

    XT225 or DR200SE?

    I would SERIOUSLY reconsider a TW200. TONS better beginners bike in my opionion. Time 2 since your fiancee is only 5'3". If she gets into riding, she will out grow it quickly, however, she may be turned off by the whole thing starting off with a bike that is to tall. I can't imagine that at 5'3" she would be even CLOSE to putting her feet down on the xt or the drz. good luck.