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  1. Broke my tib, fib and talus, all had to be re aligned with hardware. Non weight bearing for 11 weeks. Rented a wheelie cart to get around better than crutches. Rode the bike again at 13 weeks, took it pretty easyon the bike til 15 weeks. I was 44yrs old, did everything the doc told me to do to heal up properly. good physical therapy discipline was key for me.
  2. Surfergirl


    I have the same problem on some of the tracks I ride. There are about five jumps I do not hit yet. I have found that if I speed up to them and then throw the bike a bit sideways almost like a tiny scrub it soaks up the rebound and throws me more straight and I can keep more speed on them. It also helps cut down the landing short feeling on my old joints. I hope to get even better at it cause it really helps make the flow smooth out in the no jump zones. I realize there will always be some I won;t take at my age so I am always looking for ways to get through them.
  3. Surfergirl

    Baseball hats, Flex-fit or standard?

    When I was coaching softball a few years back we picked up some hats that actually had a hole in the back cut out for ponytails. They worked really well and you did not have to worry about your hair getting caught in the adjustment zone.
  4. Surfergirl

    For the love of our husbands!

    Wow, you are enlighted. I wasn't looking when I found my best friend either. Great points made!
  5. Surfergirl

    For the love of our husbands!

    There is nothing like getting your hubby to follow behind you on an MX track to flag for you if you case a new jump you are trying and you end up making it. So on lap two he jumps it and makes it and we pull off the track and high five each other thrilled that we conquered another jump together. He puts up with this crazy addiction of mine so well. I could go on and on about my guy. No one could ever match up- he is one of a kind!
  6. Surfergirl

    Female co-worker wants to ride my bike

    This is funny cause I had the same thing happen to me. A guy at work found out I was into riding and started asking questions. I said hey come along with us next time we go and he did. It was just a chance for him to see if he still liked it as much as he did when he was a kid and then maybe proceed with getting a bike for him and his son. I had extra gear and a bike that he could give a run at it with. He did great even after 30 yrs not riding. He is a naturally good rider. No harm no foul. I am married and so is he. He ended up having a great day at the riding park and hopefully when he gets his wife brainwashed he can buy a bike for him and his son. It is terrible to see a guy that loves the sport that much and is very good at it have to compromise because of a selfish spouse.
  7. Surfergirl


    All in good fun..no reason to apologize. Charlie yo are right he suggested the lower bars to help my elbow position. Looking for a good low rise bar with a little sweep to get me back on braking also. Any suggestions beside nekked pictures?
  8. Surfergirl


    I am 5'7" and have regular to short length arms. I took some lessons and the instructor suggested the Carmichael bars over the 08' stock yamaha bars. Any small racers out there have any suggestions?
  9. Surfergirl

    How many other women are on 450s?

    I can already see that in some fast GP style MX tracks a 450 would be great to have. I raced with my age class at one and the 450's stoned me to death in the start and it was tough to get anywhere close to them after the second turn. I am not using the 250 to its fullest yet either though.
  10. Surfergirl

    ladies show us your bikes (pics)

    Hey I want to motard my 110 did you just use a stock rear rim and lace the front hub to it? Did you have enough space between the forks? Sorry did not mean to hyjack the thread?
  11. I wonder if my brief interaction with a Copperhead at 14 years of age in Alabama is in the record books?
  12. He should have stayed with the bike and pinned it! He might have gotten a Third time at it.
  13. Surfergirl

    New pictures!

    Body positioning is speaking so much more confidence now. Amazing! Keep it up looks great!
  14. Surfergirl

    Came up a little short!

    Looks like you hit the rear brake to get it to settle and avoid rebound? It is amazing you did not endo! Great save!
  15. Surfergirl

    What Streetbike?

    Another vote for the FZ6. I loved it! Gave up the speed for a dual sport now but that bike was sweet while I had it. It is not as leaned over as the SV650. It is a powerful bike if you want it to be I think it redlined at 12,500rpms.