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    how is palmdale riding

    I have lived in Palmdale for about 6 years, grew up in Downey / Norwalk area. I bought my first house on the east sied of town Ave S / 40 St. East would not recommend buying in that area some good people but alot of low income families. My second house is West Side Palmdale / Quartz Hill. I would say I feel safer in that area of Palmdale then I do when I go down to Norwalk / Downey area to visit family. Palmdale has it's problems but please don't even compare it to Compton or even some areas in the Valley. And for those that live in Santa Clarita area that think that Palmdale is so bad your just blind and living in the dark. Sorry to be so harsh but if you don't live there DONT COMMIT ON THE AREA.
  2. Just wondering about Cal City on Halloween If anybody know's if the people there get together and have kids Trick or Treat. I want to go riding but the wife want's to make sure the kids don't miss out on Trick or Treating
  3. 450xluvr

    Cal City - New Years

    P.M. Sent Thanks OLD Man
  4. 450xluvr

    Cal City - New Years

    Look's like it was a great trip. I have seen you guys posting about your family trips for awhile now. My family and I are always looking for a fun and safe group to ride with. Will have to try and catch up with you next time.
  5. 450xluvr

    Clutch Cover for xr400

    Any ideas on a aftermarket clutch cover for a 04 xr400 Where I can get one Who make one And how much