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  1. Jeff Musial

    Travis pastrana ridng in mi?

    I spoke with him the one time he was here for supermoto. one of the most approachable guys you'll ever meet. you cant walk away after meeting and not feel better.. I see he was riding Ron Merediths bike in the pics. I believe he's still the team manager and a local mich guy. very cool. I heard some cool stories about him, ken block and a few others hanging out when they're hear for snowdrift.
  2. Jeff Musial

    loud mouth air intake

    I got mine this past spring. I love it. air filter changes are a breeze.. the seal is great. No dirt falls into the carb boot area when taking it off. no screw hole to mess with. slides right on and then just a couple quick turns on the hose clamp. no backfire screen to worry about. also got the wash cap. my airbox is spotless. oh, and if your still stuck in the stone age using petroleum based air filter oil, wake up and start using NoToil. these two combined took one of my most dreaded jobs into nothing. for me, I'll never go back to stock. worth every penny.
  3. Jeff Musial

    Irish Hills 11-4-07

    nice pics. glad everyone had a good time. It's all of you that keep us track guys going. next year will see more track improvements.. Oh, not just me that is responsible. There's 5 other guys that bust ballz out there. There's many a Saturday night that plowing, disking and watering don't end till 2am or so.
  4. Jeff Musial

    Irish Hills 11-4-07

    I really don't know at this point.. There's still alot of legal stuff going on. Hey Boyce, if you live 10 minutes from the track you can help us. We need your voice.
  5. Jeff Musial

    Irish Hills 11-4-07

    address is 14758 Sharon Hollow lets hope the weather cooperates.. we'll have the track in great shape. Tattoo, if you miss this last ride for a friends private track it better be a track built my Marc Peters or something.. We've made some awesome improvements. In case you haven't heard. Everyone raged about the last ride.. Jeff
  6. Jeff Musial

    Irish hills ride on oct 15th

    wow.. thanks for the kind words guys.. The few of us that keep the place going is because of guys like you. Makes the work all worthwhile. No, we don't have a website. Next ride is being pushed back to Nov 4. Hope to see everyone then. Jeff