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  1. SWALL

    Atk Motorcycles

    If you did every thing an owners manual said,you would never have time to actually ride your bike,just service.
  2. SWALL

    Atk Motorcycles

    Well Robert I probably read the same articles you did and as I RECALL, a lot of high end parts does not make a bike reliable or handle all that well. But you seem to be all knowing,so you go buy one and I'll stick with the bikes that have proven themselves over the years.
  3. yea,if you are on the honda a or b team,otherwise it is a big,heavy,soft motorcycle.
  4. heavy,handles like crap,yamaswap....honda or ktm.
  5. SWALL

    Atk Motorcycles

    Looks like junk;expensive junk.Yes ,same thing.
  6. SWALL

    Best vented riding gear

  7. SWALL


    MORE SNAP ,STARTS BETTER,noticeable,I also have the PW plus. :applause:IMO money well spent.better than a pipe.IMO
  8. Now that is funnnnnny!
  9. SWALL

    Best vented riding gear

    I have two sets of moose sahara and it has not held up very well at all,so it's certainly not my first choice...
  10. SWALL

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

  11. SWALL

    Do Not Buy Ktm!

    yes,they repaired my 03 in 04 ,totally new tranny without an arguement,and my dealer did not have a clue,so yes, call them before you judge KTM.
  12. SWALL

    Who makes the best riding gear

    It's not fancy,but if you want some durable,well vented,basically bulletproof gear,try KLIM,I've had it all,and it is the best I have ever worn!!
  13. He's exactly right'PRO WHEEL makes a stronger rim than the stock excel rim,and that's what I started running on all my bikes and they hold up great ,but I have never had an excel rim that was not dinged after the second hard ride..