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  1. RallyDogRacing

    Heading to Cherokee Trails Park today.

    I had a great time. Met some nice folks and was able to hook-up with them to start learning the trails. I think I rode 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7. And I'm definitely pooped. I'll definitely be heading back. It's fantastic that the trails are so diverse allowing me to start learning how to really turn the bike in all those twisting trails.
  2. RallyDogRacing

    Heading to Cherokee Trails Park today.

    Hey if anyone happens to check the forum this Sunday AM, and is also headed out to the Cherokee Trails Park near Milano, TX - I'm headed up there from Houston. I'll be the guy with the Illinois plates on the champagne/silver colored 4Runner. Riding a KLX650R - probably looking generally lost. I'll be leaving downtown Houston around 8:30am/9am and riding till I get injured, bored or tired. If you see me please roll up and introduce yourself. The name is Rob.
  3. RallyDogRacing

    New to Houston & Texas - where to trail ride?

    Sorry I missed your post. I was digging into the rear brakes on the 911 on Sat as I needed to work out some frustrations. Then sunday was out on the road-bike of a friend's for 30mile bike ride. D@mn I'm out of shape. How about this coming weekend after Halloween. Probably Sat or Sun - and perhaps things will have dried out a bit. I'm 2 miles south of downtown in the museum district. So it doesn't sound like we're too far apart.
  4. RallyDogRacing

    New to Houston & Texas - where to trail ride?

    None taken. I've found that it's an often misunderstood machine. It's a bonafide '94 KLX650R w/FactoryConnection suspension for pretty much my weight as well as someone's work on the motor. The bike is far more capable than the idiot (me) that rides it. It's my second bike, and it's a good upgrade from my original '85 XR350R which was given to me for free. 4hrs is a bit of a hike, but if there's a weekend where I don't have some project work planned here soon I could come up on Fri night and meet up for a Sat ride. Sounds like a nice big place.
  5. RallyDogRacing

    New to Houston & Texas - where to trail ride?

    Well I work a whole bunch of hours, and they are ALWAYS during the week. So it will be really rare that I can ride on Wed, Thurs, or Fri. I think for me personally it's weekends or nothing.
  6. RallyDogRacing

    New to Houston & Texas - where to trail ride?

    Awesome! Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I'll get to looking at those resources and start heading out.
  7. RallyDogRacing

    New to Houston & Texas - where to trail ride?

    Hey all, I'm a very recent relocated from Chicago, IL down to Houston, TX and I'm looking for suggestions as to where I can go trail ride my 650-thumper. Not really looking for an MX track, but if there are any of those with trails on their property it would be better than nothing. I'm thinking really anything within about 3hrs drive is ok. Also if any of you are willing to put up with a Northerner who is still fairly new to trail riding, but has a bunch of fun; well give a shout! It's a lot more fun to ride with friends than it is alone. Rob D.
  8. Hey all - my primary riding buddy is getting dragged by the wife off to SE Michigan purely for the purpose of being the driver. So he's thinking to take the bike allong and perhaps he and I meet up somewhere between Chicago and Detroit to go trail riding. If anyone can make suggestions we're asking for them. Ideally it would be an area somewhere in the middle which is probably K'zoo or BttlCrk areas, but we can easily go N or S from there. Heck even as far N as Lansing is probably OK. We'll both be on 2-wheeled, non-road-legal, out-of-state equipment if that makes any difference. Thanks in Advance!
  9. RallyDogRacing

    Anyone Riding either BR or FV on Sunday June 25?

    Hmmm, weather is showing scattered Thunder-bumpers all day long covering both BR & FV. I think I'm going to wake up early and see if the forecast has changed before I commit since it's a 2.5hr drive to get there.
  10. I'm watching the storm system coming in from the west and right now it looks like it will swing north of the BR & FV properties. I'm tempted to ride. Anyone else headed out that I could meet up and ride with? Especially at BR, because I need to figure out a viable loop for my relative newbie skills.
  11. RallyDogRacing

    So as of now...BR this Sunday....

    If folks are headin' out to BR on Sat then odds are real good that me and a buddy or two will be there as well. We're hoping to hook up with someone that knows the area. I'm on a KLX650R and coming in on a Beige/Tan/Sand colored 4Rnr. One buddy is in a slightly darker tan/beige Pathfinder and he's on an RM250. You'll find us easy to spot because we both use MotoJackRack type carriers. Mine's built by GC-Carriers. If you see us wave us down, or swing by and chat. Rob (on the KLX).
  12. Hey all, sorry for the real dumb-bunny question but I did not get the owner's manual or service manual when I bought the bike. I did an oil & filter change the other evening and the process itself was fine & easy. My question is: the engine case was marked as have a 1.9L oil capcity. When I drained it using the plug back under the transmission / rearward end of the motor (using the 17mm socket), I only pulled out about 3/4 of a quart. Yes I had let it run and warm up to get things flowing first... Assuming it was low I put in about 1.1L, fired it up and let it idle until the water-temp gage was showing 200degF and the cooling fan was cycling on and off. At that point I tipped the bike upright and let the oil level steady in the window. Things looked less than half'ish so I added another 200cc's at which point I jumped to about the 85% full level of the window. This AM I noticed when cold the window is completely covered w/oil to the point where I wonder if it's over-full. So my questions: a. Was there another point I was supposed to drain from outside of the one mentioned above? Meaning did I not fully drain it... b. How does it behave when over-filled? c. Did I even have the process right? Thanks.
  13. RallyDogRacing

    03 klx 300 spoke problems

    This is odd, but after last weekend's ride I noticed that I had 4 very loose spokes on the back of my '94 KLX650R. I had intended to ask if this was a normal occurance - since I've never had a moto spoke or bike spoke loosen before. But you beat me too it. I certain it's coincidence, but it's also one more thing to check before riding.
  14. RallyDogRacing


    Well I can compare my '94 KLX650R to a few different things, but the choices are limited. A. '85 XR350R B. '00 RM250 C. '04 CRF400 D. '06 Kawi 400 (forget the model) Anyway - for me as a 6' 225# relatively novice rider the changes going from the XR350R to the KLX650R were amazing. Granted the KLX was setup for someone of my size so the suspension is simply fantastic in comparison. I very much like the power curve of the more trail oriented bikes. I want a very wide torque band in whatever gear I choose to use. I find that when riding bikes that are targeted at motocross that their throttle response is not very linear in comparison and the bikes feel barely controllable, way to snappy on the throttle. My particular KLX650R is very smooth and predictable on the power delivery and there seems to be no limit, or more the point I run well out of courage before the bike runs out of "go". It's heavy compared to all of the above. I've got an extended tank on mine and when full it's another 25-30lbs. Granted it's got lots of travel to deal with getting some air, but it's nothing like it's lighter breathren. You feel every ounce of that thing as it comes down. However on the trail it's like having a super-comfy go anywhere machine. True, not as nimble or twitchy as the newer MX derived bike geometry; but plenty workable for me. With the electric cooling fan you pretty much never worry about temps, and mine has an added WT guage to tell me more specifics. Brakes are underwhelming - but you can lock the wheels and get reasonable feel from them. Sometimes you simply need to pull harder on the level in comparison. Starting is easy. I fought much harder getting my XR350R to run, and sometimes to when I get stuck on the RM250 of my friend's. For whatever reason the long-stroke kick for the 650 works well for me personally. I found mine, very clean, suspension done, engine reworked, stainless big header & exhaust for $1400 used. I feel totally satisfied with the value thus far from the bike and am enjoying growing into it. It's a whole lotta bike not not-whole-lotta-money!
  15. RallyDogRacing

    riders from McHenry County, IL

    So with the rain falling Fri night, and off&on during the day Sat. Will BuffRng be too sloppy to be enjoyable on a long woods-trail? If not - does anyone feel like meeting up to go ride?