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  1. Bike completely apart....where would you start first? I'm needing some direction.
  2. That's a good call....I'm gonna check that asap. Thanks. So, I'm starting to waffle on swapping frames. It's all minor , but there are enough small details that are getting in the way, and I'm starting to think I should just get her all back together (replacing anything I can along the way) and just riding the sh"t out of it. Either way, I'm about to address the suspension options Rear shock on a 1999, needing s complete overhaul....what do you do? Send it somewhere for a rebuild, but a newer shock from a different year that bolts right in, do that ANDY send it off? Other ideas?
  3. Last chance. I could really use the input. Both frames have been totally taken down all bolts removed and ready to go. It's either a I go frame up using the original 1999 frame. Or I take Passby and go forward with the 2001 frame. Once I start there's no turning back. here are some more side-by-side shots for those that are interested. He polished frame is the gen2 (2001).
  4. Good news. The new frame showed up and looks just fine. So I will continue moving forward with the swap into the 2001 GEN2 frame. Soon as the weather lets up I will take them both outside and get some good side-by-side photos that may help other people in the future that are trying to make comparisons. I know I had planned on sandblasting and prepping this new frame. But it looks like the previous owner must have polished it. It's honestly not in bad shape and maybe I should just move forward with it as is. Thoughts?
  5. Ya. I'm giving it one more shot. Got a frame coming for $100 and made is VERY clear with the seller that my expectations are high. Keep in mind I STILL want the upgrade the suspension. Even with the new frame. One of my bigger issues is that the parts I can order through my shop are all for 2000 and newer. IMS gas tank, shrouds, pegs, etc. once I swap out the airbox it will be easier for me to get my hands on aftermarket parts (I pay wholesale). Plus, I'm shooting for the moon here, but dialing it back just a hair....a gen 3 conversion for instance is "too much" for me. If you're gonna be a bear....be a grizzly! Not related, but bored waiting on frame and parts, so starting to organized misc nuts n bolts bin. Gonna try and organize it all in bins. I think I'm getting old....
  6. So I'm in the middle of an eBay dispute to try and get refunded for the 2000 frame I ordered that came cracked. But the good news is I found a decent deal on a 2001 frame. And I have it on its way. more coming soon. With all the advice here I have decided not to powder coat the frame. But I am going to try the chemical strip and the soda blasting route and try to give it a nice clean satin finish.
  7. Well. My gen2 frame showed up and I think the seller was pulling a fast one. That or he is an idiot. Here is how it showed up. Notice the crack? Needless to say I'm not happy and now I get to deal with getting my money back and trying to find another frame.
  8. Thanks dogger. All good info. I think I will take the new frame and soda blasted since I have the ability to do that here in my backyard. Then hit it with some WD-40 and Scotch-Brite and see where that leaves me. Honestly using a flange nut that I had laying around to replace the stripped one was not a joke. But in all fairness. My company manufactures race frame sliders and engine protection for Japanese and European sport bikes. So my "miscellaneous nuts and bolts" bin is far superior to just a bunch of bolts and nuts from the hardware store. But again, thx for the heads up. In other news, I just received the aluminum radiator kit that I ordered from eBay to fit the new gen2 frame that I ordered. It is from GPI racing. And obviously made in China. The verdict is still out, it looks decent right off the bat and the welds seem okay. But I will most likely have it pressure tested just to be sure. Anyone used one before? Short video of them right out of the box. http://youtu.be/NiTjMBG0yqQ
  9. went for it...ended up disconnecting the 2 connectors at the top of the frame/head tube. disconnected the 2 wires that run to the kill switch. disconnected the rear brake lever, and she came out easy. time for a guiness...been a full day. sure hope i know how to put this back together. honestly, im kinda hoping this thread will be my "how to" when its time to slap her back together! bout time to start ordering parts!!! p.s. remember that bottom engine mount bolt that came out by hand? Luckily, the only thing that was stripped out was the flange nut. Im sure I have something laying around to take its place.
  10. Im almost there but what ( and where ) should be removed for the ignition area when pulling the motor? I see that I could unplug the cable, but there are wires jumpered over to the other plug, so both seem like they need to come out. does the kill switch have to come off? Or...do you remove it down at the flywheel. also, should the top end come off before i remove it? anything else to do while its still in the frame? Here is where I am at. engine bolts are loose, ready to slide out (the bottom most bolt was able to be removed by hand without even using a wrench....more on that soon as I get the engine out.) Upper mounting bracket is still attached. The rear brake lever is still attached, not sure if that has to come off as well.
  11. ok, so im gonna go ahead and pull the motor out so i can swap the frame to the 2000 frame once it arrives. Having never taken apart a CR250, im open to advise. Im assuming pulling the motor before disconnecting the swingarm and forks is a good idea? My thinking is... 1. drain oil (gonna be installing a FWW and doing an oil change) 2. remove carb and exhaust 3. remove spark plug cable 4. drain radiators (have the new dual radiators on the way because of the gen2 frame swap) 5. disconnect the radiator hoses 5. unbolt the motor from the upper mounts and side mounts 6. remove the shift lever and brake lever and kick starter ......and that sweet sweet motor should just climb right on out and up to my bench. sound about right? here she is right now....before a few of those steps i mentioned above...
  12. Hey now Spyder. If I can get the frame looking like that I'm happy! Gonna give that a shot on my 99 frame and see how it turns out. The 2000 frame won't be here for a week. Did you just follow the instructions on the can? YZF, that metal cast stuff gives a cool anodized look. Any idea how well it holds up? I don't think it's my first choice fort frame, but I can see using it on some other bike parts.
  13. It's worth a shot. Is "aluminum brightener" literally what it's called! Or is it a polish? I got plenty of scotch brite! I even have a scotch brite wheel for my drill that may work
  14. Still don't know where this came from. Any guesses?
  15. Well my build is not focused entirely on looking fancy. But I definitely don't want to put a bunch of work in the rest of the bike with new components and then have a frame that looks old and beat. A friend of mine does powder coating and so I'm sure I can get the hook up on price.