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  1. I smoked my bike this weekend down on the dez and i need a new cylinder, just wondering if anyone has one they want to sell.
  2. Wont be raceing but i will be working one of the check points. Good luck to all of you that get to race.
  3. Go to www. and click on the prs link, it tells you step by step how to set it.
  4. That is a bunch of BS, If your bike is licensed in your state he should not have impounded your bikes, If i was you i would fight that crap.
  5. Depends on what you consider off road, If your talking about a real off road race 100 miles of nasty desert, Ty Davis, Desry Abbott, Johny Campbell, They are the real deal.
  6. Moving the wheel forward will make the bike corner better, moving it back will make it more stable on fast straights.
  7. Soak it in ATF, it has a very good cleaning solution in it . Your chain will be spotless.
  8. I have a 04 yz 250 it has zipty 3.4 tank with a dry break, dh tripple clamp, scotts stabilizer, fmf sst pipe, vforce reeds, zipty quick adjust chain tensioner, 18" rear wheel, 20"front, and rad braces. and i love it. best bike i have owned.
  9. Fly makes a nice fanny pack, I have been useing mine for 4 years and it is still in great shape.
  10. Are you talking about the knolls race? If you are you dont need to worry about any tight stuff. All there is at knolls is sand whoops and wide open flatts. I have been racing desert, gp's , and endurose for the last 5 years and i always start with a full tank and to tell you the truth i cant tell the the difference.
  11. scotts is the only dampner with a high speed adjustment. GPR, WER , and RTT do not have a high speed ajustment. With the scotts you can turn it all the way off with your adjuster and at low speed you cant even tell its there but you hit somthing hard it still works at high speeds. Scotts is the only way to go.
  12. I hear there is going to be a big ride the 17th and 18th in chimney rock. There is supposed to be alot of guys from colo there. I will find out more info and you yoall posted
  13. Endurocross

    If you are starting in 1 minute intervals its a timed event, its not whoever comes in first its who has the fastest time. Oh ya if someone comes up behind you let them buy, if they catch you there faster than you. GOOD LUCK!
  14. A regular sparkarestor will not make your bike any louder or will you lose any power. If you want to make it quieter put a quiet core on it, but before you wast your money on a quiet core think about it because you will lose alot of power.
  15. I have a r and race it in the desert and was wondering if the x has a wide ratio trany, and if it does can i put one in my r.