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  1. klier

    Need some input

    The extra $5 is no big deal for me. Since our group likes to hit a bunch of different tracks, we probably wouldn't frequent it all that more often. Honestly, since the noon quad rule took place, we've actually come out to Arkansaw a bit less. It's one of our favorite places to go though. I'm sure I'd enjoy the track updates.
  2. klier

    Sandbox Arena Track

    You know, I haven't heard much good this year about the Sandbox. Plus, when it seems they don't have the finances to hire people to groom the track for cash (they are paying track groomers with free ride time), and the five-year contract with Amsoil is expiring in 2012 (citation: http://www.oiltwins.com/actionnews/ActionNewsNov2007.pdf - page 14), I'm just wondering if this all is going to be a done deal soon. What has changed this last year that has really made people overlook this place as a reputed venue?
  3. klier

    Arkansaw Mx

    They've picked up a lot of rain out there this morning. It seems like every time I want to hit up a track, it's either 95 degrees, or mud...
  4. klier

    Race gas in Rochester

    Faribault at Degrood Oil (Mobil). Take first Faribault exit from the South on I-35 and it's at the first stoplight. Your other choice is the gas station near the McStop in Lakeville.
  5. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    Terrific! That is a win, win situation for everyone. Thanks for those that helped with the layout on Sunday. I wish I could have made it over...
  6. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    It is great to hear that the second track is happening. I sent them an e-mail stating that it'd be nice to have the 2nd track not quad only, but rather both quad and bikes. That way, when the quads move to the big track at noon, kids or beginners, that may feel uneasy about riding the big track with faster riders could go back over to the second track. Anybody know if it's indeed dual use?
  7. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    Good meeting up with you there on Saturday! Youtube limits length to 10 minutes 59 seconds, so you'll probably have to separate out the parts or definitely do some editing.
  8. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    We'll see you there!
  9. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    We'll probably see you down there! Should be 63 and partly sunny, with a wind just enough to keep the dust clouds away.
  10. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    Looks like a few of us will be coming down Saturday morning at 9! If you're going to come down, 4BangenRange, look for a Blue Silverado with a black homemade trailer and a blue YFZ450. My name is Brian. Arkansaw is a great place to start on a track. You can roll over everything, and start small, and end the day picking out a few jumps to clear if you're comfortable. I know of another guy on a quad arriving before noon that will be out for his first time on a track too. What kind of machine do you have?
  11. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    I'll probably be there on Saturday morning. I've got a YFZ450 quad, but I also have a YZ250 I ride from time to time. I'll keep you posted.. just need to make a few calls tonight.
  12. Is the uphill/downhill sections still hardpacked and uneven, or have they been groomed recently? That was my only complaint about that track with a quad. Those areas were seldom maintained.
  13. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    Haha thanks! Bikes and quads have been interchangeable with our immediate group, and I like both kinds of machines. It was cool getting to know everyone out there yesterday, and believe me, I had plenty of time to walk around after the crash! Actually, I just got the steering post straightened and I'll definitely be back riding somewhere again next weekend.
  14. klier

    Arkansaw WI was sweet today

    Arkansaw was extremely fun yesterday! The track changes were great, and never have I ever ridden on a mint track in the month of March in this area before. Here's a couple helmet cam videos of the new track changes (from a quad, very C class perspective):
  15. klier

    RIP Elko