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  1. TDA234

    TTR 125 carb issues..help!

    i would just end it and get a carb rebuild kit i ordered one from this place powersportsstore.com and it was pretty cheap. you prolly cant go wrong with rebuilding it with new parts and what not.
  2. TDA234

    need help carb issues

    sounds like you need a rebuilt kit. i got one from this place powersportsstore.com and it only cost me like 22 bucks. then i just rebuilt the carb and was good to go.
  3. TDA234

    cheapest place to get shims?

    powersportsstore.com seem to be cheap for me
  4. TDA234

    HELP! tb race head!!

    i get all my tb stuff from powersportsstore.com they have a lot of pitbike parts.
  5. TDA234

    Where to purchase tires from?

    I always order my tires from powersportsstore.com If you call them they can order you pretty much order you what ever you want. the guy who handles the orders over the phone was cool too.
  6. TDA234

    07- 08 Cam Question

    Do you guys know if you can install the CRF450X cam in the 2006 CRF450R?] Thanks! -Tom