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  1. mattandrobin00

    Oakhurst/Bass Lake Trail Closures

    Does anyone know if we can file a class action lawsuit against the Forest Service? I will be the first one to sign on!! I am tired of the government claiming they own the forest or the desert for that matter! It is our GOD given right to enjoy our forests and don't think the government has a right to limit our access. Matt
  2. mattandrobin00


    Does anyone have any idea how many miles the 2007 CRF150 expert will go on a tank of fuel? Also, what is the top speed of this bike? Thanks, Matt
  3. When you say real tires and suspension are talking bigger than the 16inch tires that come on the electricross? How about the suspension, do you guys mean like Ohlins or Marzocchi? I personally don't mind the tires but I would love to see some Ohlins on the bikes.
  4. mattandrobin00

    New suspension

    I am really surprised at the response. I figured that the aftermarket suspension was a far superior product than the stock Showa stuff. But by looking at the replies thus far it looks like this is not the case. Matt
  5. mattandrobin00

    New suspension

    I am looking to replace the suspension on a CRF 150. What brand do you recommend? I am an adult rider weighing 180lbs. Marzocchi Ohlins Fox White Power other
  6. Hydrogen?? NOT ME! Remember the Hindenburg? Matt
  7. Current Production Electric Bikes http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com/roadrunner.htm http://zeromotorcycles.com/index.htm
  8. Not sure why they are going to the lower voltages. Ya, the PMG at 60 volts drops to 28hp and at 48 volts drops to 22hp. Most bikes don't even use the PMG , they use the Etek. For me to really get behind the electric bike I would want the PMG 132 at 72 volts. Why would I want to ride a slower bike even if it is lighter. lol I have a 4 issues with the current electric bikes Power - 22hp is NOT enough for me even if the bike weights 130lbs Suspension - mountain bike suspension is the norm, I want real suspension lol Looks - OMG the current crop of electric bike are BUTT ugly Battery Charge Time - 45min to charge is to long. 10 min is about right I love the concept of high torque motors, no transmission and lightweight but someone needs to build a real electric MX bike!
  9. Just a fun little comparison: Electric PMG 132 motor 34.3 hp at 3500rpm and 200lb-ft of torque Gas bikes: motorcycle-usa.com 2006 250f shoutout Tale of the Tape - Torque The CRF led the horsepower war, cranking out 35.8 hp at 11,000 rpm, narrowly beating out the KX250F's 35.7 hp at 11,500. While we had the street slicks hooked up to our batch of 250Fs, the computer also spit out some torque numbers. The Honda was the clear winner in this category, cranking out more torque everywhere while also posting the highest peak figure of 19.5 lb-ft. The Kawasaki was close behind with 19.1 lb-ft, while the Yamaha showed good midrange punch that flattened out to a peak of 18.9 lb-ft. The KTM wound up on the bottom with a maximum of 18.3 lb-ft, though we again offer up the caveat that our KTM's dyno numbers aren't representative of a typical SX-F.
  10. You say screw the whole idea of electric bikes. Why screw electric bikes? What if they had the same or more HP than gas bikes, the same suspension, frames and could go the same distance and be charged in under 10 miniutes? I have ridden 2 strokes, 4 strokes and the electricross. All of them are fun but in different ways.
  11. PMG 132 - 72 V Performance Peak efficiency: 88.6% Peak power: 34.3 hp Cont. power: 8hp No-load speed: 3590 rpm Stall current: 1440A Stall torque: 200 ft-lb The Lynch/LEMCO LEM-200 can be modified to pump out even more power, so HP is not a problem. I AGREE the current crop of electric bikes need to be beefed up A LOT.
  12. Electric bikes are very intriguing due to the electric motor instant torque and a crap load of power! Doing research I found that a PMG 132 electric motor puts out all of it’s torque at 0 rpm and over 30hp at 72 volts. You can build an electric bike to weight under 150lbs! So, 30+ horsepower and only 150lbs! That would be scary fast! Problem is cost. The batteries that would allow for a 3hr run time are BANK. 10 C sized cells cost a 100 bucks, which is 10 bucks a pop and you would need 300 of them! So you have 3k just in the batteries. Then add the cost of the motor, and the controller which is another 1k! Electric power is fun but it is costly!
  13. mattandrobin00

    Electricross Drift

    Jeff Emig and Jimmy Lewis racing the drift at the Mini Supercross in Vegas
  14. mattandrobin00

    Electricross Drift

    Bobby what is the biggest difference you notice between the suspension on the Drift and the KX? From your posts it sounds like the suspension the KX works much better. Is this the case? Matt
  15. mattandrobin00

    Electric Moto-cross

    New video on the electricross site. http://www.electricross.com/Video/Prarie City Formula 100 Race 320x240.avi