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  1. FLMX

    Points per moto - MX & SX

    Nevermind! I found it In case anybody is interested, you can download the AMA Pro Racing rule book PDF here: http://www.mxsportsproracing.com/pages/rules/ama-pro-racing-rules
  2. Anybody know a URL I can go to to see a list of championship points paid out per-moto, per-position for both Motocross and Supercross? I'm writing some software and I've been all over the AMA website, MXSports, all of the magazines .. and I can't find this information anywhere. Much thanks, JFuNK
  3. FLMX

    US Open TV Coverage???????

    horrible broadcast i thought it was pretty funny, though, how they went with what sounded to me like a brittany spears song during the highlight of james stewart segment something about .."im unstoppable"
  4. FLMX

    Philippaerts and Tedesco.

    that's democracy? ... uh no ... that's called freedom of speech and/or freedom of expression ... you guys know what freedom is over there right?
  5. FLMX

    Supercross Live Audio Webcast

    yep. more a matter of principle. sure, i can afford it. i can also afford a $5 coffee from starbucks too.. it's just a ripoff so i don't do it
  6. FLMX

    Supercross Live Audio Webcast

    I used to listen religiously when it was priced appropriately (free) but $40 for internet audio is a rip no matter which way you spin it? I also won't pay $5 for a cup of coffee from starbucks. People swear by that stuff too what ever happened to paying for a broadcast with advertising dollars?
  7. FLMX

    Video of Reed on a Kaw

    link hasnt worked for me yet ... been trying for a while ... i hope they repost it
  8. FLMX

    Dungy's 450

    he also wasn't on the 2010 "reversed-head" Yamaha YZ450 either
  9. FLMX


    seriously? everyone in the world has to worry about you being too lazy to watch the race live? haha must be nice to be you and have the whole world required to give a shit
  10. FLMX


    since the race was already broadcast live ... does it really matter? :usa:
  11. FLMX


    Jason who?
  12. FLMX

    Mike alessi...ktm?