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  1. Dealer wanted 4500. Which probably did not include tax and lic. Found another one on craigslist for 4200. Re-geared, FMF pipe and FMF programmer, new chain and sprockets. Dont know why he replaced chain when it has only 5k on the engine. I have a KLR and a vstrom. Finally am out of debt and got a savings together. Would like to have a trail bike to play with but dont want to torpedo my budget. Was thinking of getting a off-road WR but dont want to deal with changing oil and tuning every three rides. And depending on my needs the KLR my go somtime. Just something Im tossing around if the right deal comes up. And it is super fun to shop!!!
  2. Thanks, I was looking at a used model at a dealership and noticed the pipe had been changed and this made me realize I had not considered some factors like this when evaluating used bikes.
  3. I have a question. What if you only change the pipe and not the header? Thanks!
  4. OBJMS33

    Leftover 250f? Good Deal?

    Friend offered the KLX for 500 as is. Gonna take it and sort through the whole thing and see if I come up with a cheap plated trail bike when done.
  5. OBJMS33

    Leftover 250f? Good Deal?

    Yeah, I know the KLX is not worth a lot. Wanted it a few years ago, and he wasnt ready to get rid of it. It has a plate though. It's the most cost effective way to go to get something to play on. Would prefer green sticker, I'm not hard core enough to need something that Ca restricts so much. He would have to give me the KLX for under a grand I think? I got a new tacoma this year for my snow addiction and can truck a bike around now. I dont think I would take the wr if they want over 4500 for it. I cant spend that much right now. I am fortunate enough to be looking for a full street bike this year too. I am not complaining believe me! More people should have my problems. Will be renting a friends garage in a few weeks. Figured I would take a few months to go through everything on the KLX as a project. I have to be careful not to get too ambitious with my hobbies. I am obviously already spreading myself thin. Really like the camp outs you guys go on with these. Buddies kids will be riding in a few years. He is my klr riding partner. Known each other our whole lives so he wants to trail ride some time too. Figured I'd post and see how much reaction there was to the price on the wr. Thanks
  6. OBJMS33

    Leftover 250f? Good Deal?

    Sorry left that out. It is a 07. I was posting at work and trying to get the thread up fast.
  7. OBJMS33

    Leftover 250f? Good Deal?

    That link you sent me said it has a button start, I thought it was kick only. That is more encouraging.
  8. OBJMS33

    Leftover 250f? Good Deal?

    They have it listed for 4459 I think. They will probably want tax and lic on top of that. In which case I would most likely pass. The KLx300r is in ok conditon. My freind has not ridden it too much in recent years. He has done all the upgrades on it. And had the shock rebuilt recently. He sucked some sand at the dunes and says it will cost about 500 to have the head reworked. It would be a good project bike. But I like the reliability of new things. It's just something I'm kicking around. I will be traveling for six weeks, but when I come back I will be getting a garage from a freind so I have a place to put these things. They sound like they want it gone pretty bad. Thanks again.
  9. If this is one of those beat to death subjects, sorry. Otherwise thanks for your time and advice. I have a klr, a freind has a 97 klx that i could get for maybe a grand but the head needs work. The klx is plated. A shop here has a leftover wr250f for a litte over 4k. If I can get a screaming deal on the wr what do you think? I am a novice rider but would like to add a trail bike to my klr. I live in San Diego and have access to lots of riding. Thinking maybe I should spend a little more and get could get a 250r sometime instead. Thanks!
  10. OBJMS33

    ? For 97 Klx300r

    Yep I know the klx is a better bike. He had it running pretty strong with the new pumper carb. It improved it enough to go to the dunes, hence the sand. I was mostly trying to feel out how big a headache or problem the sand was. I figured too it may just need to be shimmed. I figured with a good fluid change I could be good to go. I have to solve my garage problem. I've been after the bike for awhile and recently got a new to me tacoma so I brought one of my ideas off my backburner again. Thanks again.
  11. OBJMS33

    ? For 97 Klx300r

    Thanks I was aware of the valves. I've read some of your guys threads on this bike before. He's also got a very nice xt350 right now too. I would like a trail bike to go with my klr now that I've entered off roading. Timing is a problem and I need a place to put one still too. Thanks!
  12. OBJMS33

    ? For 97 Klx300r

    A friend of mine, who uses this forum, has a plated 97 klx with upgraded carb, rebuilt rear shock, trail tech comp. He has been riding in the sand and the intake? valves are close to shut. Shop told him he sucked some sand due to dry air filter and that he needed the valves rebuilt. He has too many bikes and I am looking for a trail bike some day to add to my KLR. So my question is it worth looking into doing the work on this bike? Thanks!
  13. OBJMS33

    '04 KLR650, Whaddayathink?

    The 04 does not sound like it was not takin care of very well. And it sounds like it went down pretty hard. You can def. pay 3000 for an 04 in better shape. My 04 is kept outside with cover by the ocean and my plastic has not faded yet. I have over 20,000 with lots of time in the desert sun. UNder 4700 for an 06 would be about 800 under otd price on the west coast.