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  1. coolbikeguy

    need berg pics .....

    hey guys my brother is thinking of buying ( actually trading some stuff ) for a husaberg 500 2 stroke. i saw a pic of the bike and the kid says its either a 99 or 2000 but i have my doubts its that new... im guessing mid 90's. anyone have pics of the bers from say 90 on up ...kinda like a timeline thing ?? i have apic on my phone ... ill try to link to it or post it if i can figure it out ... lol...... i can tell u this .. its yellow plastics,blue frame, looks like a black or grey colored tank and it comes way down on the right side of the bike....standard forks..hope that helps a little bit.... thanks guys,scott *** UPDATE *** looks like a 4 stroke to me .... heres the pic ( hope it works )... http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i269/coolbikeguy/husaberg.jpg
  2. coolbikeguy

    lighting coil for 450 R ???

    a buddy of mine has an 03 450 r that he dual sported ( not sure what kit ). he replaced the stock ignition with the moose ignition set-up for lights but now the bike doesnt seem to generate a very good spark. the question is ... what is the preferred ignition for a lighting set up ( minimal lights ) just a dualsport headlight. moose ? electrex ? trail tech ? ricky stator ? something from baja designs ?
  3. hey guys. i bought a 2004 klr 650 with lowering links and i have the lowering links sold already ( i think ). the problem is when i bought it i thought it had both stock links with it but it only had 1. are the left and right links the same ?? if so i only need one stock link. anyone have one or a set they want to sell cheap? my bike is a 2004 but ill use them from any year that will fit aslong as they are in good shape... no junk please. thanks guys, scott email ... vintageracer888@aol.com or pm here
  4. coolbikeguy

    Frustrated with modern bikes.

    How about an 07 husky TE 510 ..... look in the classified section
  5. coolbikeguy

    Barcia Helmet Cam

    he is fast
  6. coolbikeguy

    thinking about selling ......

    pic should be fixed
  7. coolbikeguy

    thinking about selling ......

    tough subject
  8. coolbikeguy

    thinking about selling ......

    i am kicking around the idea of selling my 07 te 510. engine is stock, up tite skid plate, rooster radiator gaurds, brp chain guide, billet gas cap. i cant remember right now but im 99% sure the bike has less that 500 miles on it ... im thinking some where in the 300 + range. i had some back issues i was dealing with last year so the bike hasnt been ridden much at all. im thinking with so few miles that $5000.00 would be a fair price to ask. would you guys agree ? here she is ...
  9. im not sure why it wouldnt work. would be basically the same as putting the " y " piece in the newer bikes. arent cars also under pressure ? ive seen this fix on cars before and it worked fine.
  10. ok .. as the title says ... i bought a brake caliper relocating bracket ( its from husqvarna )from GP cycles to use my stock caliper with sumo wheels ( i have an 07 te 510 ). i cant not figure out how this thing goes on ... maybe i had to long of a day in the heat but im not seeing it. do i only need stock hardware ?? or do i have to supply 2 extra bolts ?? please help... if any one has sumo wheels on a late model te and can share a close up pic of your set up id appreciate it. scott
  11. coolbikeguy

    07 te 510 batterry ??

    what battery are you guys running ?? if its anything other than what comes stock ... why did u choose the batt. that you are running ??
  12. for those of you that are boaters .... what do you use for wheel bearing grease ?? are you buying a waterproof grease or just a good quality commercial wheel bearing grease ?? i am also running bearing buddies. thanks, scott
  13. coolbikeguy

    Trail Rider magazine - TE310

    hey janet. how many are going to bald eagle sat ? are you going fri and camping ?? have you been there before ? im so ready to get back up there and ride. scott
  14. coolbikeguy

    TE 510 ... with sumo wheels ???

    ill get some pics soon bro. my garage is in a nightmarish condition right now and no time to get it cleaned up. i ordered the bracket i need to make the caliper work today. ill be working on the garage so when it gets here i can start mounting up the 17's. i will post before and after pics ...