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  1. motodan52

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    agree 100%,I also have been racing 39 years,no missed seasons,for 13 years we always had a box van loaded with anything we could ever need,with Mike married no longer at home,I let my busy days at the shop last week let me not prepare correctly,we did have some jet stuff with us but not right stuff,agree on fuel also, we would normally get it from same place always,I would say live and learn BUT I already know better thanks good luck for your boys this season.
  2. motodan52

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    we have plenty of jets on hand as we have a store,BUT they were 2 hours from the track! shit.Little update on issue looks like we made have had bad gas, we run pump gas and looks like maybe some moisture was in fuel,would explain why it seemed ok earlier, anyhow am checking it out,have to say Winham is a STUD,to have that many years in and battle that sick,inches apart in the air, with several people,bad ass!
  3. motodan52

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    Jetting was the issue, Mike had been riding some indoors with new bike, but temps were 30 or less at those track, we were able to do what we could with what we had (try to find kehin hex mains/pilots for that 2 stroke in the pits at a SX!), made changes we could before second practice but was still falling flat when on pilot jet range,was worse after we cleaned up main jet and needle settings,Mike made a call to stop before it was an issue,as posted alot of people coming up short on both triples all night, I think the first triple issue was dragon back before it and getting clean over it to make a run,everytime Mike would come off that to head to triple it would fall flat for a moment, and as you could see that is not good on that jump! Other triple (we have done more then a few of these in past) take off I think was not as steep as needed,people were messing up all night on that baby.Anyhow at least he is safe, almost unreal the 2 stroke support even from AMA from tech inspection to those on the track,I would say its still in everyones blood! Will be getting it dialed in and plan to got east (a little)was good that finish line jump had a good run so at least MIke could bomb that baby,I do not know that many people any size that would even think about jumping that (maybe when sleeping!) thanks everbody and hope to be at St Louis.
  4. motodan52

    lets get a 2 stroke to some supercrosses

    thanks to everyone helping support Mike out one way or another,one think he has going for im, hes the real deal as far are a rider,he has a real moto hart,no earrings,goofy hair,pants on the ground,he rides because he loves it, not to be a stud,am sure plenty of people have blown him off in the past till the gate drops,he has a big chunk of old school in him.He will be ready next weekend and hope for the best,funning how sometimes people smart off about him riding some of the big events, yet the only thing they are riding is a keyboard.He is focused for Indy and hope and pray he is safe and with some luck make the night program, thanks again everyone. 52