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  1. suzuki2stroker

    RXR Where to buy?

    looking to buy a RXR chest protector pretty soon, just looking for a place people have had good experiences with. i usually order off motosport, but they dont carry them. BTW, ive always had good service and fast shipping from motosport...the bad rep is a lie. one shipment was late, but it was around x-mas so that's understandable.
  2. suzuki2stroker

    How to Win Starts

    nothing feels better than pulling a holeshot with 20 bikes following you into the 1st corner
  3. suzuki2stroker

    Braking down steep hills.

    my advise is to use your brakes as hard as you can. you'll need to know your bike pretty well to do that though, play around, and apply the rear brake till it slides, then the front till it slides. and both at the same time without locking any of them up. shift your weight a little bit back and make sure you look ahead. if you just went up the hill and are now coming down, you'll know what to expect and be able to carry more speed. most people i ride with ride fast on flat/uphill trails, but then crawl on the downhills. you can move a lot faster than you think. if you havnt been on the trail before, it might be a good idea to slow it down a bit so you dont go flying through a corner though.
  4. suzuki2stroker

    Good idea?...need opinions

    I think its a good idea, but posting up returns and stuff, could cause some confusion, many times i stay longer than planned, or forget to do things (like post on a forum when i get home). I think the best way is to contact close friends and tell them where you are, and call them if your going to be late. i think its a great idea to plan rides though, friends always bail out last minute and stuff. possibly a facebook group or something...almost everyone has facebook these days. post up maps and gps coords on the fb group so you can show people where you are, instead of "up the dirt road and up that sketchy 4x4 trail on the left"
  5. suzuki2stroker

    Looking for riders in Fraser Valley!

    where do you live in the valley?
  6. suzuki2stroker


    i'll be driving maybe just bolt a 3rd bucket down in the middle haha
  7. suzuki2stroker


    i was pretty sure it was a strait 6. could be wrong though, when i looked under the hood it was back in june. i'd love an enclosed trailer, but its the fac that i can probably get this van for around $500. i might just do it to resell it and make some money, but i thought it would make a pretty cool moto-rig. im sure it would be more money than my current setup, mainly because i'd have to pay for insurance (which would compensate for the more gas with the jeep). but like you said, its secure, you cant even see inside. the way im looking at it right now is that i can always re-sell in it in the future for the same amount...possibly trade it for a enclosed trailer, who knows? the only problem with the van is that the driver side seat belt is fubar, but i could just swap one in. or convert it to a bench seat so it can carry more people. as it is now, its just an empty cargo van with 2 bucket seats. i'll do some measurements tomorow to see if it willwork ok for the bikes/fit 3 bikes. i also need something for ice racing this january. a 3 hour dive on salt covered roads with an exposed bike would suck...
  8. suzuki2stroker


    OK, so i wanna save a few cents driving to the track, and i have an opportunity to get a dodge van (like pictured below) for extremely cheap. what do you figure these things get for highway mpg? my DD is a Grand chreokee 5.2 which gets like 17 hwy with the bikes in tow (flatdeck 4x8). and i was thinking if the van gets better fuel economy i could justify insuring it for weekends and having it always set up for racing (tools ect). any thoughts? has a strait 6 thats all i know. year is 97 with somewhere between 70 and 90 thou on the clock (cant remember off hand, but its not BAD) on it. heads recently rebuilt, and new tires..and some other "goods" think it would make a cool motovan? or should i stick with the cherokee and a trailer?
  9. suzuki2stroker

    Total Noob question

    don't ride alone. and to answer your question: Rarely, but it does happen.
  10. suzuki2stroker

    Total Noob question

    you could possibly do damage dropping your bike while waling through the pits. its unlikely that you would damage something but rads and levers are pretty fragile compared to other parts of the bike. to bend handlebars or something it really depends how you fall. anything is possible, just try to keep you bike on its wheels
  11. suzuki2stroker


    just so people know...to avoid the insane prices just join the fan club ($40) and they will guarantee you tickets. you still have to buy them right as they go on sale to get decent ones. so i payed $250 for a set of tickets that are now worth almost $4000 !! (i dont think you can re-sell them though cuz you have to have YOUR credit card to get in). i think they send you a t-shirt of something for joining the fan club too
  12. suzuki2stroker


    I got FLR3 Row 6. im still in nirvana
  13. suzuki2stroker

    Interval sprints

    im trying to find a sprinting program to work on. i remember about 5 years ago i went to a sport camp and they had us doing sprints at different effort levels and certain wait times between them. i did a search and couldnt find anything good to work off of, so does anyone know of a good link to get back doing this? looking for a chart or something similar explaining what to do each day. from what i recall, i gained a lot of strength and cardio from doing this.
  14. suzuki2stroker

    Post pics of your CR's

    do i spy a velvet seatcover???!!!!
  15. suzuki2stroker


    i tried as well, as its where i live. and you heard wrong, it sold out in less than 2 mins. i got floor tickets to seattle tho. im stoked. already sold out though i think