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  1. MJC476

    Reed doesn't race Outdoors?

    Go &%$#@! yourself you ignorant yank, and it's Australia and manners!
  2. MJC476

    Trey Canard will win everything because.....

    If I understand you correctly, you saying that all the other religions are based on working for the cause or fear tactics except Christianity where all we have to do is accept JC to recieve everlasting life. What does the Bible say will happen to me if I do not accept JC, should I be fearful?
  3. Grab your freinds crf, wind the preload out until you have 4.75" and it too will turn like a piece of crap. Before wasting money on anything else set up your spring rates & sag as suggested and you will have a great handling bike that turns well:thumbsup:
  4. MJC476

    Get a Leatt Brace A.S.A.P.

    It seems you are warning people of the "dangers" of this product with no scientific data or proof and yet dismiss any and all claims of it's effectiveness for the same reasons. If you believe that some injuries have been caused by the Leatt, where do you stand on it's ability to prevent the types of injury it was designed to protect against?
  5. MJC476

    Digital calipers

    Comparing dial calipers to digital, I prefer the dial. Using feel and needle movement you can geta very accurate measurement, with digital you cannot see the needle move so have to rely on feel alone.
  6. MJC476

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    How about doing some reseach yourself, the guy broke his back & not his neck. No neck brace is designed to stop back injuries, perhaps if you researched the spinal column before posting this crap to back up your suspicions you would have some credibility. Like the brace or not, I don't care but by posting the title & trying to back it up with an article where the guy has neck injury you ARE being confrontational as well as looking like a fool
  7. Andrew Mcfarlane at one of the world mx rounds, walked away basically uninjured!!!!!!! I have the Leatt brace & have ridden a heap of times with it. I don't notice it when I am on the track & have gotten to the point where it doesn't feel right without it, kind of like how you only notice your chest protector when you aren't wearing it.
  8. Sounds like you want one of these new-fangled 450s Craigus
  9. MJC476

    Spoiler??? Allessi in Atlanta??

    True, except Jeff actually had the fastest practice lap time but went un-noticed because he was in the non seeded riders practice. http://www.racerxill.com/articles/detail/1656/sign-of-the-(lap)-times-atlanta.aspx
  10. Check out all the posts about how ugly the new KTM's (MX) were when they first came out, now everyone thinks they look cool. You can never predict what will become fashionable. Having said that, god those boots are ugly!
  11. MJC476

    wrong decision?

    I know it depends on a lot of things but if you are racing mx have you checked your lap times? The key word here is "feel", it can be very deceptive
  12. MJC476

    Have you seen the Leatt brace??

    Good to see Windham with one for sure, even better to see a younger (& more reckless?) Josh Grant wearing the brace I have the club version & wear it with a chest protector. The only time I notice it is there is when I lift my arms to put my goggles on, I would not know it is there when riding.
  13. MJC476

    Stand for somthing. David Bailey.

    It is about the same price as a top of the line helmet wich would stretch the budget for a lot af people, but it will come down in price if it becomes a mainstream item. Remember how much big screen plasma's, dvd recorders etc cost when they first came out? My wife actually encouraged me buying the brace at $700AU (new 450's are about $11000AU in comparison) saying that in the big picture it's only about one weeks wages. skwerlee, Jimmy button had a crash in the whoops back in 2000 damaging his spine. This was posted on mototalk by JB this past week (I took it from racerx) Everyone out there listening, listen to this. I know alot of you that are in the industry or go to the races see me, and think that I am good now. Well, in many repects you are right, I can walk, feed myself, go to the restroom, etc. Which, all of this is wonderful and I am so thankfull for, however, no one out there, except for the other individuals that are in my shoes, understands how difficult my life is. I am not crying out saying poor me, because I never have, but believe me, you do not want my life. Since my accident in SD on January 22, 2000 I have not had a single day without tremendous pain, that is 2,573 days of continuous pain with no end in sight, at least I hope not for a long time. I will deal with the pain. My point is, everyone should at least try the brace. You cannot ever make everyone do something, but I think that if you can possibly prevent this injury from happening, you should at least give it a shot. No matter how much the brace cost, you should buy it. In fact if you cannot afford the brace, then maybe you should not be buying a $6K + motorcycle to begin with. Like DB, I have been pretty silent on this whole deal, but it is getting worse and worse seeing all of these injuries. Like DB said, when I heard about my friend Ernesto getting hurt by a phone call from Larry Brooks, I got physically sick. You do not want any part of this injury. Let's all get going on making these things mandatory. They are required in every major motorsport out there, but ours. Let's all make a change. I will help doing what I can do, especially with my riders that I represent.
  14. MJC476

    wr450 or 450x?

    The X hasn't changed much (at all?) since it was released & has a rep as a solid trail bike. The 07WR is a brand new bike that has gotten great reveiws as a great handling race weapon. Ride them both & make up your own mind.
  15. MJC476

    wr450 or 450x?

    The X hasn't changed much (at all?) since it was released & has a rep as a solid trail bike. The 07WR is a brand new bike that has gotten great reveiws as a great handling race weapon. Ride them both & make up your own mind.