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  1. ISDT

    Should I buy a Husaberg?

    What kind of range do you get with the stock tank. I assume the 450 gets a little more than the 550 and 650
  2. ISDT

    Bigger Husaberg Tank

    another question would be; what kind of mileage do you get out of the stock 9L tank during road use and trail use?
  3. ISDT

    Bigger Husaberg Tank

    could a KTM tank fit?
  4. ISDT

    Bigger Husaberg Tank

    Anyone make a larger tank for the 05-06 fe450's ?
  5. ISDT

    KLX 110 - Top Dead Center?

    you could try sticking your finger down the spark plug hole and feel for the piston
  6. Something around 300-600cc, new or old, street legal and decent sized tank would be great too.
  7. ISDT

    Brittle plastic?

    Cold temperatures makes plastic more brittle. Having it sit out in the snow could have made the palstic brittle, and less likely to survive the impact.
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  9. ISDT

    Husky's Legal In Canada?

    I asked Transport Canada and they referred me to this page http://www.riv.ca/english/html/how_to_import.html It seems that as long as you pass the vehicle inspection requirements of day time running lights and metric speedometer and odometer labels, you should be able to license one. There's probably a few other modifications that ave to be done, but if the bike was shipped with all the D.O.T stuff, you should just have to throw that stuff back on. I've seen guys plate dirt bikes so it can't be that hard.
  10. ISDT

    Husky's Legal In Canada?

    I was at a dealership that sold Husabergs and one of the employees made it street legal. He just reinstalled the turn signals and what not and then played dumb when it came to licencing it . It meets the requirements so i don't know why this can't work for a Husqvarna . I guess it'd be bad if you got into an accident with a bike that wasn't supposed to be on the road in the first place. I kind of thought it would fall into the same category as someone who built their own bike and licenced it.
  11. Can you register the NEW Husky's for street use in Canada? I know they're 50 state legal In the U.S, but are they in Canada?