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  1. i just went through this, there is a second tension adjustment on top of the slide cap, pull the rubber back and make sure its screwed all the way down. i probably spent 6-8 hours trying to figure out why my slide wasn't closing and this was the culprit. Hope it helps!
  2. don't know how it could have been off since i adjusted the fuel mixture to factory when i rebuilt the carb but today i did 2.5 turns out and it idles perfect with no choke and starts first kick with choke. remembering the basics 101..
  3. damn its been a while..well i finally got around to rebuilding the carb and still no idle without after a bit of searching and tons of reading i checked my hot start and it felt like there was tension on it from the get go so i slacked it off and tomorrow in the afternoon ill see if that was it. hope i can find the problem and end this torture.
  4. ill try the sta-bil in, hope it works lol
  5. i tried the carb cleaner and its still giving me some trouble but ill do it a couple more times and if nothing ill just pull the carb... Thanks to everybody for help!
  6. I think i will try Krannie's advice and pick up some Motorcycle carb cleaner and work with that before taking my carb out, thank you both for the help! ohyeah the bike ran like crap before the new pilot, just couldn't find a stock pilot in the time frame i had. again thanks
  7. PM sent, Thank you..My brother is going to be so stoked when he comes home and sees his bike put back together, we haven't been riding in over a year.
  8. forgot to mention the new pilot jet is a 45, bike only has baffle removed and i believe a 160 main. any ill effects of the 45 pilot? it was all the local shop had in stock, i ordered two 42's for our other 450x's
  9. my 05 crf450x wont idle without the choke on, ive replaced the main and pilot jets and still it wont run without the choke even when it's well warmed up, its got fresh gas too. the weird thing is when it dies when i push in the choke it spills about 6-8oz of gas out of the over-flow, any ideas? bike did sit for a while but with new jets(not cleaned old jets) and fresh gas i don't see where the problem would be. i also cleaned the air filter for good luck
  10. wow thats awesome, What's the best payment method for you?
  11. How much?, I will have to ask my brother but i'm sure he will take it.
  12. Anybody got a spare Header for an '05 450x? my bro smashed the crap out of his and its melting the water pump cover. Honda is asking way to much IMHO for a OEM pipe. Thanks for your help.
  13. anybody? lol my dad thought he was helping me by "cleaning" my work area and he threw it out so im guessing im S.O.L. unless i buy the entire reflector piece.
  14. anybody know where i can find the metal ring that the headlight socket attaches to? i went to Honda and they wanted me to buy an entire headlight:bonk:
  15. right on, thanks for the info. if it's an easy fix i might as well do it. i was thinking if i have to have the bike down i might as well do the piston/rings and any other "timed" maintenance while im at it. thanks for all of the info everybody!