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    how this look for a start?

    Well i got a friend with an 88kit and it is so slow compared to my stock gpx. Maybe it is just that I got a clutch to grab and launch with. Go with whats going to be more fun for you. If you got deep pockets or you are racing then buy the best bike. I bought a china bike and I have only broke a hub. I flat landed a jump from just over 17 feet high.
  2. 04yfzkid

    Sdg 107 ?

    email sdg. There site is under construction but I think you still can email them if not send me a pm and I will give you their email adress. www.sdgusa.com
  3. 04yfzkid

    Best pitbike engine - eg: Lifan .. etc

    If you can afford honda it is the best. If you are going bang for the buck, the gpx motor IMHO is the best and most reliable.
  4. 04yfzkid

    Randomly Shutting Off

    Thanks guys for the help. I think I am going to buy a new cdi but I dont want to pay for the chinese/import pigtail. Does anyone have picture of what this looks like or has a diargriam of it. My dad is an electrical enginer and he couldn't figure out the problem with my bike, but does know how to make one of these pigtails with the right information. thanks again, mike
  5. 04yfzkid

    Randomly Shutting Off

    I have searched the fourms and found nothing so.... My sdg 107 keeps shutting off after ridding. I checked the spark and it wasn't getting any. So I found that the two wires that connect to the coil were loose so i crimpped them tighter to the coil. It started to get spark fine. I was ridding it a couple days later and it was running fine the after about 12 minutes it started shutting off every 50 feet. So i disconcted the key by unpluging it. run fine for the rest of the day. So another 3-4 days later i was ridding it around and it was dieing again often so i cleaded the fuel screen in the tank, and drained the float bowl to get out any water, if there was some from washing it, didn't do anything. Now I think that once it is getting to certain temp some of the electorincs are causing the bike to shut off. I let it cool down for 1 minute and I can ride about 1 mile on the throttle hard before it starts to die again. I dont know where to being testing becuse it seems to random or tempertaure realted when it shuts off and i can start it back up with 5 seconds of it dying it just will die every 20 feet Anyone had this problem or got any sugestions on how to test for fault electornics. Oh and lastly please dont just come in say sdg's are pieces off sh!t I need advice. Thanks for your time, Mike
  6. 04yfzkid

    way too personal

    Names mike. Ride a highly moded yfz, or moms long travel rhino, or dads 1989 250r built to a (350). I also live in vista/oceanside CA. Ride Glamis, Octillo wells, and illegal offroad areas neare house.