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  1. mercedesc280car

    03 CRF450R Backfires

    i gave up today. i took it to the dealer. ill see what he says it is (at $84 an hour he should figure it out)
  2. mercedesc280car

    03 CRF450R Backfires

    leave the needle valve at 5? and fuel screw = pilot screw? or are you talking about the idle screw? and if you are talking about the pilot screw is there any easy way to get to it without having to take everything apart.
  3. mercedesc280car

    03 CRF450R Backfires

    so should i move the needle valve to 6? i am pretty sure its not an exhaust leak. in the book it tells me to adjust the "pilot valve" which i did but it seemed to have little affect, from closed it is set open 1 and a half turns
  4. mercedesc280car

    03 CRF450R Backfires

    i didnt think it would be the valves because the engine has no more than 12 hours on it. i also forgot to add that i changed the air filter and check for air leaks. it appears there are none
  5. mercedesc280car

    03 CRF450R Backfires

    ill start from the oldest time and work my way to present time. 1week ago my 450 would not idle (it sat for 8 months) i drained all the fluids and fuel and replaced it. i also changed the spark plug. it ran, but when ever i let off it backfires between 5-10 times. thinking it was due to a dirty carb i broke the whole carb apart and cleaned it all. still doing the same thing. i looked at the plug and saw that it seemed rich so i set the needle valve to 4 (leaner). all that did was make the engine chug and it still backfired. i reset the needle valve to 5. my next thought was that it was the coil or timing but i was told by the dealer that he has never had to replace a coil or change the timing. i need advise! i am pretty much out of options