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  1. Well it was fun while it lasted but my body desided it could not take the beating so I sold the DRZ today. Thanks to all for the info when I needed it and the good conversation. Also to those I got to meet and ride with. I will be getting a Cruiser soon so I will continue to ride, just not off road. Thanks again I will check in from time to time just to see what is going on. Ride On
  2. hylander

    Selling my DRZ ?

    Thanks for all the input. I placed it in the classifieds for $4400 I'll see what happens, I think it is worth it, Especially having the 4 year extended warrenty.
  3. hylander

    No power w/e

  4. hylander

    Selling my DRZ ?

    Well that would suck. one year old and it drops $2,500 I don't know what they are really getting but I see guys on Craigslist selling 03's for $4,500 I think the cheapest one I have seen is an 01 for $3,200 that was not that clean. I know new ones are going for $4,700 but then you got to add tax and all. Looks like I may have to just let it set and collect dust because no way is it leaving my Garage for $3,600
  5. hylander

    Selling my DRZ ?

    I posted this question last night and my post is gone Anyway do to my body pains I am going to sell my 06 DRZ400S and get a Cruiser. What is a fair asking price for me and the buyer. Bike is in excellent cond. with 2,400 mi., a few minor scratches in plastics. Never wrecked and comes with 4 yr extended warrenty. Oil & Filter changed @ 50, 200, 500, 1,200 mi., @ 1,200 I used full synthectic. Always garaged. You can see the mods in my Garage. Thanks Sterling
  6. hylander

    drz warranty??

    I got a 4 yr. warranty for $400.00 for my 06 DRZ I hope I never need it but for the peice of mind it is worth it. I will be buying a new Vulcan 900 Custom this summer and will get the extended warranty for it as well. When you spend $6000 - $10,000 for a new bike, what is an extra $400 going to hurt. But if the engine blows and you gotta spend another $1,000 or more, that is going to hurt
  7. hylander

    Do not buy a Clarke Gas tank!

    Thanks for the heads up Stan23: That is VERY BAD CS. I will not be buying any Clarke Products
  8. hylander

    What you ride in.

    I ride 50/50 For all riding I wear: Armored Feild Sheer Jacket. Alpinestar Tech 4 Boots HJC Cl-X5 Full face helmet Padded MX Gloves Levi 550 Jeans Wrap around Sun Glasses
  9. hylander

    Any D/S rides 3/17

    A Real Dirt Bike How have Ya' been Dan, say hello to Leann. I'm actually working on the Wife to let me get a full blown Street Cruiser "Cruiser not Crotch Rocket" no death wish here. I'm not getting rid of the DRZ, I just want a Street Cruiser as well. I already joined that club and another as well but all those guys rode last weekend and going to ride next weekend.
  10. hylander

    Any D/S rides 3/17

    No one wants to ride ? Looks like it is just me and the Blue Mule
  11. hylander

    Best place to get a new Battery ?

    DRZ400 of Coarse
  12. hylander

    Best place to get a new Battery ?

    Thanks guys: Got a YUASA for $99.00 otd
  13. My Brothers battery took a dump, one month out of Warrenty Anyway where is the best place to get a replacement Thanks Sterling
  14. hylander

    How much did you pay for your drz-e or klx-r

    I have an 06 400S and didn't pay a dime However it did cost my brother $6,000 otd with a 4yr. extended warrenty My brother is on the left.
  15. hylander


    I Put it in my front tire after noticing it was getting low. Has not gone Low since and no wobbles on the road either, Have hit over 85mph with it in the tire