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    being a good rider?

    easiest way is to do the double . Rob is in a sense correct, but dont ride the edge, you might bottle neck someone. ride in a straight form to the jump. If its a double, taple top, triple or quad that they are jumping, they will just jump beside you. dont zigzag around trying to get out of people's way, as you will end up on the way. Just hold your line, its the easiest and safest way around a track. - Ken Roche
  2. if you find you get a bit crossed up in the air, always remember to look where you want/expect to land. Dont look sideways or at the ground trying to bring it in, doesnt work. Lets say the back end of the bike is whipped out to your right. What you want to do is (off the throttle) get towards the front of the bike and use your legs to align the bike. Once straight, or about to hit the ground, give it some nice smooth gas. Always try to keep the front wheel pointing to where you want to land, but locking it up in the opposite direction to the whip can also help bring it in. - Ken Roche
  3. Hey guys, Just a question to those who work at or own a small/large business/company. Would you guys ever consider sponsoring Australian riders? I myself am an aussie rider, and am sponsored by a fair few aussie business's/companies. I have had a few American Sponsors (M2R and Skin Industries) but these where being distributed to Australia anyway. Im not asking for sponsorship, i am just wondering if you would help out a rider for advertising in another country?