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  1. pete-crf450x

    Kick starter for CRF150/230 electric start

    I just put the wifes bike in 3rd and run beside it and it fires right up. No need for a kick start as long as your not stuck down in a big deep ditch or something, where you can't push it.
  2. pete-crf450x

    What's wrong with Honda Canada!?!

    Talked to my local dealer today, He says honda is pulling out of Blackfoot, Richmond Motosports, and some smaller dealerships because this is the first time honda has come second in bike sales (to yamaha). He also said that they will be selling honda bikes at honda car dealers in some towns. He is able to continue to sell honda bikes from his shop (he also sells yamaha), but honda requires him to change his building slightly. Obviously some stupid bean counters meddeling in something they shouldn't!!! This is a terrible move that makes me less loyal to honda.
  3. pete-crf450x

    how do you push start a 150?????????

    I put it in fourth and run beside it with the clutch released, and it sparks right up. The compression is so low that you don't even have to use the clutch.
  4. pete-crf450x

    Getting Oil Hot

    I let it idle in first on a center stand for five minutes.
  5. pete-crf450x

    converting to 1 1/8 bars from stock....best way?

    I think I paid about $44 cdn for some new mounts with the rubber isolators about 2 months ago.
  6. pete-crf450x

    Clutch not disengaging properly ???

    I have the same problem, I have read that it may be warped clutch disks. I will just live with it till I need a new clutch.
  7. pete-crf450x

    Minimum Rider height

    I am 5' 8" and find that most of the times that I lay my bike down is because I can't get a footing when I get stuck or stop. I plan on trying the crf4 kouba link to lower the bike.
  8. pete-crf450x

    Power difference

    dealer told me that the rear spring is the same 150 or 230. Is there something else that makes the 230 suspension better?
  9. pete-crf450x

    Is my header pipe bent??

    Here are a few pictures of my header pipe, Is it bent, or is it supposed to look a little kinked? http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l218/pete-crf450x/DSCF1706.jpg http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l218/pete-crf450x/DSCF1700.jpg
  10. pete-crf450x

    CRF150F acceleration improvement

    what about lightening the flywheel weight? has anybody done this?
  11. pete-crf450x

    Changing Bars

    I use hairspray on my grips. Drys fast, and is pretty much glue. You can also shoot some air under the grips to dry them even faster.
  12. pete-crf450x

    450X - Weight Lose 16.16

    The sole reason I bought the X was for the magic button!! Why would anybody want to remove the start system? My brother in law always says that you have to earn the right to ride by kicking the bike, but I just laugh when I watch him trying to kick on a steep hill after dumping his bike and flooding it. BTW I think that gas is closer to 6lbs per gallon than 5lbs. (trackadaptor is quoting 5lbs)
  13. pete-crf450x

    CRF's Only ??

    so are they in Ontario Canada? Or just near Ontario in the US?
  14. pete-crf450x

    Riding up Hwy 33 Kelowna

    I have a hard time believing that all the people driving up Hwy 33 with bikes in the back of there trucks are heading up to ride on some boring sled trails(gentle wide trails). Anybody else know where they are going?
  15. pete-crf450x

    Riding up Hwy 33 Kelowna

    Hello, I have heard that there is some riding up by big white in kelowna, can anyone direct me to where?? What kind of riding is it? I want to go up on Wednesday. Pete