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  1. Photos taken in Pta West? At Mahem?
  2. Why don't we explore the Husaberg colour-scheme?
  3. Jeez, you yanks get all uptight if there's more than 2 choicees on the ballot......:->
  4. Might be a newby here but i've been riding for 25 years and have owned good and bad.
  5. Hmmmm.....if the WR450/YZ450 votes were combined like the DRZ (whch might only be fair....) then it starts getting tight. If the DRZ wins, it looks like it will be an off-roader as well. So the queston is: where is the DRZ's weight? I suspect the motor. How much weight can be chopped there? Surely not 5kgs pounds? Trimming the flywheel, crank, etc. will probably save 500g? Does that mean the TT team has to replace everything steel wth titanium or aluminium? And everythng else with carbon-fiber?